Who is the best bet for next year's 21 Under 21 list?

  • Liv - 6 years ago

    Damiano Christian is a multi instrumentalist 16 year old who is being called the new rock prince
    Check him out!


  • Froz - 6 years ago

    Angie Miller of course!

  • Kaitlyn Arensman - 6 years ago

    Angie Miller inspires me.

  • Michele Peruzzi - 6 years ago

    Angie Miller will surprise many when her new EP, Weathered, is released on Nov. 12. So much depth and character to her new sound. Have heard Miles and Lost in The Sound. So much passion. So much vision. That voice deserves major AirPlay! You'll recognize her right away! A great singer on her journey through life.

  • Nicholas - 6 years ago

    Macy Kate 100%!!!!

  • Breanna - 6 years ago

    Macy Kate all the way!

  • Megan - 6 years ago

    Macy Kate is a phenomenal singer and everyone needs to vote for her in "Other" and also check her out on youtube/twitter/instagram MacyKateMusic

  • ivan dwi yulianto - 6 years ago


  • Geraldine Groenewald - 6 years ago

    Macy Kate is great

  • ahmed galal - 6 years ago

    love macy kate

  • ahmed galal - 6 years ago

    love macy kate :>

  • ahmed galal - 6 years ago

    macy kate is the best

  • ahmed galal - 6 years ago

    macy kate is the best

  • ahmed galal - 6 years ago

    macy kaye is the best

  • ahmed galal - 6 years ago

    macy kate is the best

  • ahmed galal - 6 years ago

    macy kate is the best

  • ahmed galal - 6 years ago

    macy kaye is the best

  • ahmed galal - 6 years ago

    macy kate is the best :)

  • ahmed galal - 6 years ago

    macy kate is the best

  • parewa - 6 years ago

    15& is the best for me !

  • Jenna Nicole - 6 years ago

    Everyone needs to vote for Macy Kate under the "other" category! The word talented in an understatement for what an amazing singer and performer she is and is definitely one to keep your eyes on! She inspires so many other people and inspires me.

  • Paula Thompson - 6 years ago

    Angie Miller has an amazingly beautiful voice and talent. She brings tears to your eyes with her angelic voice. She will make it big wiht God as her guide. You dont have to vote for her or believe but she has the favor of God and He will bless her for her faith!

  • Faith1120 (Lisa Bertch) - 6 years ago

    Danielle Bradbery is awesome! She is the world's gift from God. If you haven't seen her perform you have missed more than ALOT!

  • Eric - 6 years ago

    Sabrina Carpenter, although just released her first EP this year, should not be left off the list. She is quickly coming out of the gates and with the release of her full LP through Hollywood records early 2015 should put her right up there with the rest!
    She's got a fresh organic pop/country sound using little to no fluff in the production of her music. She is also one of the most humble artists out there and at the young age of 15 is a great role model for teens and tweens.

  • Natalie J - 6 years ago

    Your missing one of the most talented person in the game right nowTrevor Jackson

  • Adriana - 6 years ago

    15& their songs are really goooood. Especially sugar! These two little girl just amazing vocalist. Just wow.

  • Zelly - 6 years ago

    Danielle Bradbery! She is SO talented at only 18 she has an exeptional perfect voice! Her range is amazing, and sings with so much passion! She has a God given talent!!!

  • Tom Barclay - 6 years ago

    Singer/songwriter, Angie Miller, at only 20 years old, has the star power of seasoned professional. Her voice is better than most of today's so called "superstars". Her singing style is very emotional, and will send chills down your spine. Her vocals are spot on, and don't require the "auto-tune" technology that most of today's "hitmakers" require. She absolutely wowed the judges on American Idol when she performed her single, "You Set Me Free. I've seen a couple of her live shows, and she also has great stage presence; and to top it off, she's an incredibly nice person who treats her fans well. She's the whole package, and she's got what it takes to make it big, given the chance.

  • Jacob Lawson - 6 years ago

    What Monica Chiodo said about Danielle Bradbery was spot on Danielle has a god given talent and not many people get I can't wait till she is huge one day I hope she stays humble I think she will she has snatched the hearts of many including me I love you Danielle!

  • Shane - 6 years ago

    Angie Miller is a star... her voice is light years beyond singers her age and her strong values make her really inspirational.... I wish her all the success because her voice really touches your heart

  • Michele Peruzzi - 6 years ago

    Angie Miller promises a new sound.
    I believe her. Why? Because she knows how to deliver. We heard and saw it on American Idol. We're about to hear and see it again. Yup! I'm expecting something insanely good.
    Because brand new means brand new.
    And you can bet she never puts her lamp under any bushel basket. In fact, bet the ranch.

  • Monica Chiodo - 6 years ago

    Danielle Bradbery is something the world has never seen before.. Let's just say God gave her a little something extra (or a lot). I've never looked up to anyone in my life like I (and MANY others) look up to her. She has iconic talent as well as a one in a million personality. I can't wait for her stardom to take off even more than it has. I love you Danielle!!

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