Do you support the air strikes in Iraq and Syria?

Posted 4 years.


  • rahem - 4 years ago

    It is not all Muslims that are supporting Isis intact 95 percent of them are not.
    the Isis have nothing to do with Islam they have Islam backwards.
    I am a Muslim and also Canadian I grow up in Canada and also I was never taught about what the
    Isis believe and I never will because Islam has nothing to do with Isis.

  • serena - 4 years ago

    I don't belive the air strikes r a good idea! We just blowing to their level. I'm going only 20 years old and I'm scared it will bring it over here I got kids. A family. Even had a nightmare last.night over all this! War should stop all together ! Lives b safe no more worry or stress money being saved! World peace be lovely!

  • Pier H Lek - 4 years ago

    We are hindus in our late 70's, cherished life as much as we can there is only one life, one hell & one heaven & it's here, there is nothing beyond death. We weep the gruesome murders of these innocent people.

  • expatdownunda - 4 years ago

    Muslims have redeemed themselves, somewhat, in my eyes with their recent actions against Daesh. Perhaps Muslims will stand up against barbarity after all. However, I will not be satisfied unless Muslims stop supporting terrorist organizations, start trying to find a way to make peace with Israel, and renounce Jihad against Infidels and blasphemers. They need to give up on imposing Sharia law on the world, and they need to start respecting our western belief in freedom of speech. If Muslims can make these concessions to the rest of humanity then perhaps there will be peace. I pray that Islam will chose the peace that they refer to when they greet a stranger -- As-salamu alaykum. Rather than their repeated calls for and Jihad --- Allah Akbar! Perhaps we can get along, but they will have to make some concessions to our western freedoms and Israel will have to quit expanding their borders and settling on the West Bank. Peace may be upon us, but I still have very strong doubts. I am still preparing to for a long and bloody war between Islam and the West.

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