Disturbing Comments on Pipe Band


  • Iain Bruce - 8 years ago

    What an amazing display of ignorance. Seumas MacNeill once said "The bagpipe is the most musical of all instruments". As a physicist, he knew that the chanter intervals are integral ratios, not the surds introduced by equal temperament. And the drone harmonics are a rich source of wonderful chords with the chanter notes.
    The term "agricultural horns" was clearly intended to provide offence.

  • Alan Laird - 8 years ago

    Don't get mad, get even. They can keep their worthless apologies, hit them in the pocket. Don't buy the paper, or anything else they publish.

  • Duncan Watson - 8 years ago

    The home of golf has also given the world at large the highland bagpipe. I have the tools for both and they have something in common.. Both are difficult to play well and the participants in both studies find that to play well can be frustrating, but when a golf ball is struck with the sweet spot of the driver and the ball curves its path to the green great satisfaction is experienced. Playing a tune on the highland bagpipe when the bagpipe is in tune and all the reeds are executing together and the musical vibrations can be felt on the finger, can take you to a different level where concentration is complete----full application of mind and body-- a rare experience. I wish I could experience greater satisfaction from my efforts at golf, but have to satisfy myself with the odd good drive and hope it will happen again some sometime. Watching great golfers inspires. The same occurs when I might manage a decent tune or even hear one. It inspires. I fervently hope that in some small way the bagpipe playing at the opening of the Ryder Cup inspires the golfers to great things on the golf course. for both sides of the tournament.
    I would imagine that the Telegraph writer obtains great satisfaction on writing on matters that he knows little or nothing about. It is a pity, but there are many newspaper writers with the same affliction. We should expect better from the Telegraph. but the most that those kind of people ever do is make empty apologies.

  • Neil Alba - 8 years ago

    I, personally, was affronted by the insipid warbling of a medley from Mary Poppins at the recent Proms in the Park at Glasgow Green. The refined picnic basket and comfy field chair brigade happily trilled along to this nonsense contribution at, what should have been, a glorious celebration of the traditional national musical (phew!) culture of bonny Scotland. I had to inject a Lion Rampant into the melee of Union Jacks present at this gathering, just to make a Scottish presence felt.

  • Ken Mustard - 8 years ago

    Just imagine the uproar if the Telegraph had denigrated a culture other than Scottish.

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