Do you think a new sports and entertainment arena should be built at Montana ExpoPark?

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Posted 4 years.


  • M Bundi - 4 years ago

    It's overly kind to say that the acoustics at the 4 Seasons are "tricky at best." They're so terrible that we'll never go to another show in that venue. However, a lot of the problems could be solved if the sound guys didn't assume we're all deaf and run the sound so hot that it distorts and is so loud that it hurts my ears. And it's true that venue has a lot of technical problems; however, building a new, better place will not change the location of Great Falls -- off the beaten track.

    I would really like to see the alternative plans, the other sites on the fairgrounds to place a new building. And on the published plan, where will the concessions go during the fair?

  • Kate - 4 years ago

    Any amount of money should be spent on the existing structure to improve it. We surely don't need another multi million dollar building at the fairgrounds.
    If private enterprise wants a building of this magnitude and thinks it will pay for itself -- let them build it and take the risk with THEIR MONEY, not the taxpayers!
    We don't need another $20 increase for each $100,000 value of our houses. We already are paying for the "gotta have it" electric plant and the school bonds. You have $20'd the taxpayers into revolt!

  • ed martin - 4 years ago

    They can't even fill the exist building next door when the so called FAIR is here. This has Talcott written all over it.

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