Should the Petropolis family have to submit a new lease tender for the Beach Cafe?

Posted 4 years.


  • Jenny - 4 years ago

    He deserves to be shut down....sacking staff that are genuinely ill in hospital....not paying the correct wages.....holding work over people's heads coz they need the job .....shame shame shame ....also everyone else has to go through the correct procedures why does he think he is any different ?

  • Mrs J Taylor. - 4 years ago

    Stinks, stinks, stinks. Pick up your act council, or who ever decided that the lease should go out to tender.For once listen to the people of Whyalla. Because you will have to on polling day. When we all have our say for the new city council. Two sides to the story, I know, but all the possitives on here for Nick & Anna surely mean a lot. Maybe they didn't do things exactly how it should have, but we only hear what we are told & maybe still do not get the whole truth. Their business proved good sp why take it away from them. I think people would like to have people like them, who are keen, friendly & work hard, than someone who offers more money.

  • Adam simpson - 4 years ago

    Hey whyalla citizen why don't you tell us which council member you are. Your all a disgrace

  • Cititzen of Whyalla - 4 years ago

    What a pathetic bunch of people are you? Haven't you heard of due process and contract obligations/? Ask your dear Nick how he has been running his business at rate payers' expense and how much he has pockets by not opening to business after 5.00 p.m

  • Heidi Daly - 4 years ago

    The beach cafe is the best it has ever been since I was a little girl. I am 36 now and all I hear about the beach cafe and it's staff are rave reviews. I think it would be such a shame to kick out very well loved long standing residents of Whyalla out of the business they love and worked so hard for. I know that it is not easy to make big decisions for the best interest of this special town but Whyalla council please don't get this one wrong. Thankyou. Heidi Daly.

  • mick davies - 4 years ago

    Yet more proof whyalla council have lost touch with reality and upsets local residents!

  • kylie johnson - 4 years ago

    Why take it of them they are wonderful people
    Or maybe its time for people to elect a whole new council

  • Carrie Harris - 4 years ago

    Oh, and "He said it did not matter whether the tender was kept locally or came from elsewhere" says a lot about council's priorities. What happened to "shop local, support local businesses"? Local owners, local buyers, money stays local. That's just common sense.

    Why invite non-locals to run a local business? Their interests will lie elsewhere and the business will suffer because of it!

  • Carrie Harris - 4 years ago

    So let me get this straight... a couple who have turned the beach cafe into a friendly and pleasant place to drop in for a coffee (encouraging even people like me who aren't big on going out for coffee to come in) have to submit a tender to continue a business at council's whim?

    A council whose own actions are highly questionable in recent years and who people are getting fed up with?

    Council, get your own crap sorted out before bothering others! As long as the rent is being paid and the cafe is attracting tourists, why do you care who is running it? It's just income to you, but the town is behind the current leasees.

    This whole situation is ridiculous, just like many other council decisions. We need a new council before this lot wreck this town completely!

  • Lee & Suzanne Martin - 4 years ago

    This GREEDY council consisting of mostly business owners are bringing back the old days of mafia bullying tactics. We have all got a decision to make in the council elections. Vote for a fresh new team to take our city into the future. Save the beach cafe, Anna and Nick you have our vote.

  • Susanne Heng - 4 years ago

    It would seem that there are people on the council who do not want Nick and Anna in the business. I was told by a council member that the rent was too low and how would the people of Whyalla like that. We would rather that than all the money wasted on roundabout and useless ramp.s at the foreshore. I for one do not care how much they pay the Kitchen there is a mess and the conditions they work in not too many people would endure in this country. When their rent was decided by council this business had failed on a couple of other occasions, now that they are doing ok the council want to rip it out from them.
    I think as rate payer and users of the cafe we need to get there on the weekend and show these ELECTED by us just ow strong we feel about it.

    Susanne Heng

  • Carl LeBon - 4 years ago

    It is my understanding that the current tenants did lodge an interest of renewal and had meetings with council but were told by council that it would be resigned upon completion of the renovations

  • Peter Adams - 4 years ago

    As a regular visitor to the area I try to support as many "local" business as possible. But, when it comes to Coffee, Breakfast, lunch etc This Café outshines the rest for customer service, good food and very friendly staff. I am a regular contributor to "TripAdvisor" and consider that the café under it's current management exceeds my customer expectations on many levels. It will be a sad day should this change as it no doubt will with new Lease holders, in my vast experience of change Greed comes before customer service. Choose wisely Whyalla Council or this will end up like the many empty shops you have in the area. Your town prides it's self on being RV Friendly, I hope it stays that way. Regards. Peter Adams.

  • Whyalla Citizen - 4 years ago

    Of course they have to re-tender.
    Contracts are written up, agreed upon and signed to protect each parties interests. Carrying on and saying this is unfair is childish. Move on.

  • Debra Hebditch - 4 years ago

    I think its disgusting that they'd have to retender ,considering the business is doing well and the councils getting its cut, how bout fixing other stuff around this place and leaving people to make an honest living.

  • Kelly Puckeridge - 4 years ago

    If its not broke it dont need fixing, Nick and Anna are a hardworking couple and have done Whyalla proud over the years.

  • Ross Campbell - 4 years ago

    Rediculas a person has to bid for his own business . Only in Whyalla another council brain fade. At some stage common sence must prevale .

  • Mrs Taylor - 4 years ago

    No I think it is mad that this couple should have to re-tender for the cafe. They have done a fantastic job over the last 5 years, by pulling it up from no where. They are such friendly people & always welcoming when you visit the cafe. The food is well priced, well presented & fantastic.This sounds like another council stuff up just to probably get more money out of someone. It's the old thing, if something aint broke, don't try to fix it. I can say I, along with quite a lot of people I know will not fequent the cafe if Nick & Anna have to leave. See where that leaves the people who have backstabbed them . Specially after all the money spent to upgrade after they brought the business back to life.

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