Should Chelsea FC be allowed to borrow Twickenham Stadium for a season?

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Posted 5 years.


  • adegboyega adewale - 5 years ago

    We're moving into Twickenham whether you toffs like it or not, see you in 2016

  • Bradley Krauss - 5 years ago

    The length of grass at Twickenham should be the least of your complaints. I would be more worried that Mourinho will sign a few of your youth defenders up to be a part of Chelsea's future back line. #cheltwickfc16. A beautiful spot for Champions League football.

  • David Goodyear - 5 years ago

    Rugby and Football are played on different grass lengths and levels of pitch watering. I can imagine a rugby game following a Chelsea home game where the grass is of insufficient length and injuries occurr

  • Malcolm - 5 years ago

    I for one think in the form Chelsea is in at the moment and the prediction made for the clubs success, it is a golden opportunity for Twickenham to capitalise on the attention and attendance

  • Mick - 5 years ago

    Chelsea fans are mostly OK, it's some of the visitors I'd worry about.

  • Crazy Pete - 5 years ago

    Finally a decent sport at this venue!!

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