Should humans phase out predators?

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  • Anson - 1 year ago

    1. We don't even have the knowledge and technology to stop cancer cells once and for all. We certainly don't have the knowledge of the genomes of all species to carry out such a task. So I'm not worried about this actually happening.
    2. The people who consider such a plan don't even consider the enormity of such a plan given how many known species there are in the world and how many unknown are out there and out of reach of our discovery on remote location.
    3. Our attemps at recreating an ecosystem within a self contained biosphere failed (but even failure provides valuable scientific data!). We can't even copy a recipe that works, how can we even consider trying to modify the original??
    4. We can't even get all the governments of the world to agree on the right of their people. We can even get all the people living under one government to agree. There is still prejudice and intolerance among our own species. How can we be ready to take on agendas that dictate how other species conduct their behavior?
    5. Philosophy, morality, belief system, laws... These are human constructs... Our views of the world around us based on our culture, environment, personality, and time. Our species has something that other species lack - ARROGANCE. To believe that we should make such drastic changes to our environment in the belief that we are bettering ourselves or others... it's arrogant. Every change we (consciously) make has a ripple effect affecting other parts of a system... a government and the people, a forest and all of its species, a medication to fix one problem that can cause the need for another medication to fix a side effect. Isn't there enough evidence that this world and every part of it is a tapestry in which tugging at threads effects the entire piece, whether minutely or drastically? Tapestries within tapestries within....
    6. Please note that I didn't need to insult anyone with name calling because I can explain my thoughts well. I urge others to find a better way to communicate. I'm not talking about being polite or politically correct, but each side of an issue calling the other names accomplishes nothing but venting your own frustration. Give your opinion by explain why you think it, not just name calling.

  • Noah Meihuizen - 1 year ago

    You are all too afraid to ask the questions you should be asking. Why should we help anyone that is not ourselves? What is ourselves? Why should we pretend we lead lives of quality morale if we do not believe less suffering in the world is better than our ways of life right now? Why would god condone any terrible things to happen? Is he watching all life to be entertained or was this the only way he could create life and is hoping that we will try to genetically modify environments, ecosystems, and habitats so there is less suffering in the world? And the biggest question is why is that even a topic to argue about? Because we are animals ourselves, apart of "gods creation," and studying science is scary because we are afraid that meddling with gods formula will anger him and cause him to alter his experiment or creation or whatever and end us all. Frankly I don't really care what happens but I'll tell you one thing, if someone gives me a toy and says I can't alter it and uses force to stop me, I'm going to use force to stop them.

  • Ggirl27 - 2 years ago

    Bat shit crazy. Really, we're going to genetically modify nature to suit our ideals? WTF. Vegans have lost the f*cking plot. You want to play god now? Predators exist for a reason--it's called the balance of nature. Indigenous cultures understood it, and most prayed before hunting and honored the animals sacrifice--which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for animal predators.
    Predators are absolutely to healthy ecosystems. So, WTF are you going to do with the explosion of prey animals that will happen once you defang the predators. Oh right, unless you're going to run around implanting all the females with birth control, which sounds like an impossible task, you'll have to kill some of them.
    Bat. Shit. Crazy!

  • Bad idea - 2 years ago

    This is stupid as hell. I don't believe this people are all vegan.
    Vegan=Contribute to as least suffering as possible
    This=Let animals overpopulate and then die due to starvation because of other animals suddendly eatinh their food.
    If this ain't contributing to suffering then I dunno what is. Even as a vegan I voted no. These animals are carnivores and should remain carnivores. Unlike humans, they need meat to survive.

  • Henrique - 2 years ago

    We should phase out people who’ve answered yes

  • freethinker - 3 years ago

    Everyone please calm down and think things through. Eliminating suffering so every living being can have a happy life is a great goal. Elimination of predation of conscious living beings is a must. I know we may think it is crazy but it is a moral imperative. Who knew that some apes would eventually evolve so much that they would be capable of engineering whole cities, planes, computers, huge metal ships. The same way we may think eliminating predation of conscious living beings create too many problems and it is not possible but in hundreds of years or maybe even a thousand humanity may have evolved morally, technologically and scientifically enough so as to be able to overcome the hurdles and solve the puzzle and eliminate predation of conscious living beings from the planet.

  • Nouvum - 3 years ago

    Ok, let's go back to what they taught us back in school about "The Food Chain". Let's use an example of how this works: Sun

  • Nouvum - 3 years ago

    Ok, let's go back to what they taught us back in school about "The Food Chain". Let's use an example of how this works: Sun

  • Unbelievable. - 3 years ago

    I've never read anything quite as ludicrous as this, and I've been reading fanfictions written by ten-year-olds lately. To change the diet of carnivorous and omnivorous animals is not only a major insult to God, as it essentially tells Him that His creation wasn't good enough for us, but it's absolutely insane to believe it possible.
    "So God created the great sea creatures and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarm, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good." [Genesis 1:21, ESV]

  • KillAllVegans - 3 years ago

    So these people want a bunch of rats running around? Okay sure...THAT'LL END WELL

  • No - 3 years ago

    Maybe we should eliminate vegans instead

  • Johan - 3 years ago

    Simple question: why do you want to play God?

  • Becky - 4 years ago

    Oh Deborah, you patronising, fascist fucktard.

  • Fae Andrews - 4 years ago

    I am a vegetarian. I also understand mammalian biology. To genetically modify a predator like cat would take an incredible amount of modification of their digestive systems let alone their dental make-up, etc. They would no longer be cats, but genetically modified cats if really a feline at all. I have 5 cats as pets. They are indoor and catio cats. They pounce and play with each other with with toys. I am an avid birder and cat lover. I hold my nose and feed my "indoor" cats their food.

    Reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone has demonstrated the very positive effects of large predators on the land. I can't watch the carnage of predators even on nature shows on TV, but I know the predators have a place and we need to respect it. Why do we need to manage and muck with everything especially the predators.

  • fucktheselibs - 4 years ago

    These people are fucking retarded.

  • Niamh - 4 years ago

    People want to experiment on animals to stop the suffering of animals.... Makes sense. The Eco system works most of the time and like it or not they need that nutrition. Go back to school you morons.

  • Anarasha - 4 years ago

    These people strike me, at first glance, to be stupid as hell.
    But upon further examination, I now realize that they are batshit crazy.

  • this is retaded as hell - 4 years ago

    Holy batballs! This is so stupid and I can't believe there are morons who'd want to change nature to fit their stupid lifestyle. I get it, you don't want to eat meat, good for you. Don't try and force other people into your vegan ways unless they want to. Deborah sounds like a bright person with her comment. Good job girl. You sound like a total dumbass! Want a cookie? Anyway, if you really think that making predatory animals into vegans us gonna make the world a better place, you need to see the doctor or you are seriously stupid as hell. Nature is perfect the way it is....

  • WhatEven - 4 years ago

    Keep picketing. Keep starving yourselves so you die off. Keep complaining about my bacon cheeseburger.

    But please...

    For the love of all that is natural and pure...

    For the sake of the Earth that you so vehemently defend...


  • Why - 5 years ago

    How did you not reach a point in this train of thought where you realized how absolutely fucking stupid you sounded? How did you not realize that there has never been an argument so idiotic, so absolutely beyond catastrophically stupid that anyone who is even so much as forced to read the title is several degrees stupider than they were prior? Do you have a brain? Or have all those leaves you've been eating overtaken and turned it into a jungle of shat out excuse for thought?

    The world has a balance. The circle of life motherfucker, have you never seen The Lion King? Predators exist for a reason. Prey animals exist for a reason. Meat is edible and nutrient packed for a reason. Trying to turn predators vegan, or vegetarian, would not only kill them but also fuck up the entire order of nature. I mean theoretically, as you are implying that this is even fucking possible, but whatever I can say to try and get it through that headspace so overgrown rational thought does not seem capable of penetrating its barrier, I'll give it a go.

    Seriously, I have never read something so absolutely fucking ludicrous in my life. I'm still trying to convince myself it's a joke.

  • Jen - 5 years ago

    @John omg, you made me laugh! With results like this, I don't doubt it. I mean I expected 0% yes.
    @Raindog I know right? I didn't expect more than a 100 people favoring this.

  • crazy - 5 years ago

    im sorry but who ever thinks this is a good idea is a crazy ass motherfucker :l

  • John - 5 years ago

    This is beyond stupid. Next thing you know, people will be advocating to stop the suffering of the E. Coli bacteria found in my ass.

  • RUG - 6 years ago

    To: Firefly Thistlebritches

    Your video trully explain what I feel as well. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Rita Childers - 6 years ago

    I have to laugh it is so ridiculous! No matter how seriously the point is argued. Should we graft the legs of hippos on Giraffes? Should we put a cat's head on a dog's body? It's not nice to try to fool with mother nature! But we do and we never get it right. In this misguided theory to end all suffering we only promote CONTROL! In order to accomplish something like this we would end up with a world where creativity would not be tolerated. Dull, boring, singular, basically insane. Where would the elimation of predators us eliminating this idea is basically suicidal, as we are the ultimate predator on this planet.

  • Raindog - 6 years ago

    Worrying results - still at least 22% of complete morons.

  • Firefly Thistlebritches - 6 years ago

    An interesting theory, to be sure. As I looked into the deeper details surrounding their position in order to comment, I found this video and it seemed to encapsulate my thoughts exactly. Worth a quick watch if you're truly interested.

  • Richard Schmidt - 6 years ago

    Eliminating predators by whatever means seems wrong, mainly because we are too stupid as a species to understand what we would be unleashing. Every time we try to undertake large changes, through intent or not) we do it badly (see Global Climate Change). Forcing predators to become vegan is a bit like trying to convert republicans into civilized, caring humans. Really not possible.

  • Tyler - 6 years ago

    Regardless of the moral implications of trying to eliminate animal suffering by predation, one can only imagine what a large scale investment it would take to genetically outfit the world to handle only herbavores. You would be to change the majority of the digestive tract in all carnivores to be able to drive energy from cellulosic plants. There would need to be modifications of preexisting herbivores, like the sea urchins, so they don't dominate the kelp forests. That would mostly involve adding a significant chance to be born infertile. And we would need to have millions of DVM's to go and care for the sick and elderly animals that would otherwise bring plague to the population. And even plants would need to be modified to concentrate less on reproduction and more on building energy rich plant matter year round. This seems like an idea that is only half-baked.
    And one last thing. Who wants to live in a world where bugs reign supreme because nothing eats them?

  • Deborah Hebblethwaite - 6 years ago

    We should first look to us as humans to stop being predators. We create more suffering than the natural instincts of other species. When humans are all vegans then we can talk.

  • People are Idiots - 6 years ago

    Philosophers aren't biologists and shouldn't pretend to be. I can't believe there were over 100 people that took this poll that thought this was a good idea. PS. Cat and many other animals would die without eating meat. They need meat and the nutrients in meat to survive. Even when they don't get the right ratios of meat to other food they become very ill. I cannot believe the stupidity in this. Is starvation due to lack of food sources a better way for animals to die? I would rather have my neck snapped then slowly wither away to skin and bones because the food competition is too tough and I can't get enough food. This is a waste of the internet.

  • Wendy - 6 years ago

  • LarryC - 6 years ago

    Are you freaking kidding me? Think about it instead of just opening your mouth. Lets assume all animals with a red blooded appetite go vegan. What about other animals, . . . most birds, most rodents, bats, snakes, spiders, Did you actually think before suggesting this? How stupid! I think people like you are the ones that would put pants on animals too. (To hide their gentiles from your kiddy's)

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