SPEAK UP: Should Gov. Andrew Cuomo visit fracking sites in other states? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Have you ever had an auto collision with a deer? 122 YES, 42 NO

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Poll posted 5 years ago.


  • Don - 5 years ago

    If NY allows fracking it will be only for the greed. the damage that will be done is beyond any price!
    all the money in the world can never repair the damage JUST DON'T DO IT ANDREW!!!!!!

  • Lucile Wiggin - 5 years ago

    I voted yes, but after reading the comments, hope puts most weight on the science.

  • Gary - 5 years ago

    I read that the Saudi's have spent a large amount of money in support of the anti-fracking viewpoint. I wonder why they would do that?

  • bob eklund - 5 years ago

    As a Councilman for the Town of New Lisbon I was subjected to a dog and pony tour of fracking areas in Pennsylvania several years ago. After this Potemkin Tour we were assured that all of our concerns were imaginary. In the few short year since this industry approved trip, it has been shown that all of our concerns were in fact valid. If Cuomo goes he will only be shown "perfect examples". Further, many, if not most of fracking's dangers are not immediately visible, most especially when one is not looking for them.

  • Daniel Van Riper - 5 years ago

    Andrew Cuomo can visit Israel in the middle of a Primary election, right now he is visiting Afghanistan. I guess he wants to be President. Well, he ought to go look at what fracking does to communities. Pennsylvania, for example, is not too far away. But I'm not holding my breath. Andrew could care less about the landscape and drinking water and communities of upstate New York.

  • Marilyn Howard - 5 years ago

    NY is a joke while other states are reaping benefits. I travel to others States that are drilling and have friends and family living there, there are no problems and the economy is booming. NY let's the uninformed and lies rule the state!

  • Teresa Winchester - 5 years ago

    Having only "yes"/"no" options to this question is as simplistic as Gov. Cuomo "parachuting" into Frackland for a day (or two?) He would be better advised to consult the many studies, videos and first-hand accounts of those living in Frackland. Water pollution is not typically visible from the naked eye.) In a sense, the fact that Cuomo would consider visiting Frackland at this point shows that he has not been receptive to available information which proves that fracking should be banned and the focus of NYS, the nation, and the world should be on renewable energies.

  • Richard - 5 years ago

    The gas industry operates with a depraved indifference to public health & safety (the proof is that they will put a drill rig out your back door if allowed to, knowing full well that your home will become toxified by their operations). Hopefully, Cuomo will NOT waste his time viewing the "dog & pony show" the gas industry has all prepared for him and will seek out the many victims of this ruthless & reckless industry to get a true accounting of what is happening on the ground in PA's 'gasland'.

  • Bonnie - 5 years ago

    Just make sure he visits successful fracking sites not just the ones that the "antis" say are unsuccessful. Also talk to people in communities that are benefiting from fracking,farmers,resturants,grocery stores,hotels. Three new hotels built in Sayre ,Pa in the last 2 years and are always at full capacity with gas workers. NY needs this kind of economic growth. I live 5 miles from PA border and know several people who have benefited from gas services with no ill effects.

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