If the election for Baxter County judge were today, for whom would you vote? (Poll Closed)

  • Neither
    14 votes

  • Joe Bodenhamer
    97 votes

  • Mickey Pendergrass
    43 votes


Poll posted 5 years ago.

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  • Andrea - 5 years ago

    You guys can get over it. My family has even here for over 20 generations. I am just as much of a Mountain Homian as you are. My whole family is Christian. As a matter of fact, Pendergrass is a Deacon in my grandpa's church. I don't mind living in a town full of Christians as long as they're not hateful like you and decide to trample on my rights because I'm a religious minority. Who cares anyway? Pagans don't convert. You can still go to church, no one cares. By the way. My boyfriend (also a pagan) is in Afghanistan this second fighting for your right to say ignorant, hateful things to the woman he cares about. So, when you see me walking down the street you won't even know it because I belong here just as much as you do. Not even mad. :)

  • Barbara Sentivanac - 5 years ago

    Personal opinion, as a resident of Baxter County, is that we need Bodenhamer to save the Baxter County Animal Shelter from closing as well as get Road and Bridge back in shape. Bodenhamer can and will get the job done.

  • Fire Eyes - 5 years ago


    Andrea Whitehead: This nation was dedicated to God by George Washington immediately after his first inauguration and not some pagan demon. Get over it.

  • Bill Romine - 5 years ago

    I was glad to see Mickey Pendergrass stick up for the manger seen on the square and not let them put a pagan seen next to it. Who would want a pagan seen on there anyway? Thats just stupid!

  • Andrea Whitehead - 5 years ago


  • Andrea Whitehead - 5 years ago

    I did NOT apprecte Mickey Pendergrass's discrimination regarding a rejected pagan banner being next to the manger scene on the square.

    If you're going to allow one religious symbol on the square, you MUST allow others, regardless of what traditions our town holds.

    The fact that he did not adhere to the very idea our country was based on - freedom of religion - shows me he is not a true patriot and will side with his religion in place of the law.

    A judge MUST NOT do this.

  • cathy alt - 5 years ago

    Not too crazy about either one of them. But, the best choice of the two would be Pendergrass.

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