Is the Bon Qui Qui ad offensive?

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  • Nubs - 8 years ago

    I watched that Ray Rice/Donald Sterling/Jay-z/Solange episode of SVU, and I thought it was pretty good. It had a nice twist, and it wasn't nearly as hack-tastic as you might think. I actually found myself sympathizing with the Ray Rice/Jay-z expy by the end.

    Anyway, Rod and Karen, thanks for the show! Don't let F*ckin wit Black people get you down. In my opinion, black excellence is the ultimate way to throw middle fingers up in response to all of the negativity. What both of you have built with the TBGWT community and the podcasts is a fat middle finger that is big, black and excellent.

    As a side note, team Justin for the win! It's always great when the #1 Troll of the Black Guy Who Tips, the magnanimous, the superfluous, the one-and-only J. Trillion, graces us with his splendorous presence.

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