Who is the greatest living Yorkshireman?

Posted 4 years.


  • paul lamplough - 4 years ago

    Looks as if Camerooon choice of backing this candidate has lost the vote & By the looks of it his deposit as well.All bodes well for next year..

  • Geoff Hetherington - 4 years ago

    John Wycliffe, translator of the Latin (Vulgate) Bible into English in 1382, a Yorkshireman from the North Riding.

  • JJ - 4 years ago

    (In biggest Caps possible):


  • PETER DENTON - 4 years ago

    Yes, Brian Close did more for Yorkshire than Geoff Boycott ever did. What constitutes a Yorkshireman ? I believe Boycott's father came from Shropshire so I wouldn't even class Geoff Boycott as a proper Yorkshireman.

  • Malcolm Smith - 4 years ago

    Had BRIAN CLOSE been on the list I would have voted for him!

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