Should the women who got black sperm be able to sue the sperm clinic based on racism in their community?


  • PrinceLeron - 10 years ago

    Hell no, she should not win. She is risking so much damage to her daughter with this lawsuit. I'm mad because the grounds for her lawsuit are so despicable. She knew about the race of her child before she was born. When she decided to have the baby she opted in to the black experience. Would she be suing if the child had brown hair and brown eyes instead of the blonde hair and blue eyes she requested?

  • Nubs - 10 years ago

    Rod you are a credit to left people. I mean, you work just as hard, perhaps even harder than us rights. If only more lefts could be inspired to follow your example. Imagine a world of lefties starting podcasts with names such as "Where I Left my Acres", "Sinister Movie Trailers", and "Light". That last one would be like the Black Guy Who Tips, with a Left/Right couple that shares their experiences with listeners in this right-dominant society. They would also have a segment where they featured Light (left/right) couples from around the world.

    And Karen, your love is an example for us rights. A reminder; to love the man, not hate the hand.

  • Kyle - 10 years ago

    The scary thing about this story is that she was totally okay with continuing the cycle of racism until it impacted her directly. Plenty of white parents won't have that problem, and that's how we end up with racist kids harassing FKA Twigs.

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