Where are Damon and Bonnie?


  • amanda - 8 years ago

    Abigail .. I was thinking the same thing,but do you think Damon is a vampire still or back to being a human?

  • Amber - 8 years ago

    The past... I think they were transported to the past.

  • abigail magana - 8 years ago

    What I think is going on is that Bonnie and damon both came back, but have no memory as to what happend prior (This is what bonnies grandmother had in store for her salvation).I think that they woke up stranded and since they were together, they stuck to each other for the last four months. They are trying to adjust and starting to live life together to try and mask over the fact that they are starting at zero. (Since they lost memory, domon lost his signature look causing him to wear that red and black flannel)

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