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Top 5 HBCU Homecomings 2014 (Poll Closed)

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  • Joya - 10 years ago

    Being an alumni from the top HBCU in the nation! NC A&T SU, I absolutely love my school! Nobody has more school spirit than us and that's a fact! #AGGIE PRIDE

  • jh - 10 years ago

    You forgot a few HBCU's. namely


  • Miles - 10 years ago

    You have NEVER been to a Homecoming til you been to FAMU. I went to Howard and it was ok but FAMU over all!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wright - 10 years ago

    It's the GHOE... NC A£T SU.. The only homecoming that is more than a football game and tailgating. The entire city of (Greensboro) and surrounding areas get involved. People (alumni and non alumni ) travel nationwide to participate in the events. If the not the top. It's one of the top economical boosts for the area.

  • Lisa - 10 years ago

    I didn't go to any of these schools but I stay in NC and I've never seen anything like #GHOE at NC A&T. It literally takes over the city. If only pictures could be posted so these others would know how big it is! How many schools you know have a parade that lasts for almost 3 hours and schools travel from all over (one being a high school from Atlanta) just to be in it. Even FAMU's band was in their parade this year! Sorry there is no competition.....

  • PAULA - 10 years ago


  • KClark - 10 years ago

    Aggie Pride is worldwide!

    Aggie Pride! Aggie Pride!

    Aggie Nation Rise Up! Let them know who is #1!

  • Nina - 10 years ago

    The NUMBERS don't lie!! NCATSU!! AGGIE PRIDE BABY!!!

  • D-black - 10 years ago


  • GW - 10 years ago

    My fault, i ment to say we would be In 1st place by Sunday. Lol

  • M Kerl - 10 years ago


  • GW - 10 years ago

    The last 7 comments was GREAT, the rest of you have bump your head on something. M Dot has told you to Google it and you will find out what the deal is. We were in 4th place on Monday now we are in 2nd. By Wed we will be in 1st place. If anyone want to take bets let me know. Lol

  • Majestic Ice - 10 years ago


  • Kathy Miller - 10 years ago

    North Carolina A&T STATE University!!!!!! Aggie Pride!!!!!

  • Makat - 10 years ago

    we have a great school and Alumni in Jefferson City, Mo! Lincoln University! Go Blue Tigers. There are other HBCU's not listed.

  • M Dot - 10 years ago

    Aggie born, Aggie breaed, and when i die I'm Aggie dead. Google search the number #1 HBCU in America. Do u your research, NC A&T is the #1 HBCU in the nation. (Newsweek, Time magazine). Aggie Pride!!!! The blue & gold rush.

  • Quiet Storm - 10 years ago


  • Briana - 10 years ago

    Yeah, right. It's not called GHOE for nothing. Aggie Pride!

  • RJ - 10 years ago

    NC A&T State University we got that "AGGIE PRIDE" and it's world wide!!! It's GHOE (Greatest Homecoming On Earth) A&T's homecoming is a National Black Holiday in the city!

  • Fifi - 10 years ago

    Jaguar Nation has got this competition, and that's a wrap, ya'll! Keep watching us rise to the top. "Go, Southern University Jaguars!"

  • Knockout - 10 years ago

    Peeee Veeee Uuuuuuuuuuuu! I thought you knew!

  • dRobinson - 10 years ago

    TSU tiger 4 life Go BIG BLUE

  • MJ - 10 years ago someone already said: "You have no Idea!"

  • vanitystarhair - 10 years ago

    Clark Atlanta, is hands the best HBCU homecoming next to Howard ....and Spelhouse.....

  • Terion R. - 10 years ago

    TS-TS-TS-TSU #AOB #PPI #TheHole #JeffersonSt #Tigers #NuffSaid

  • SC - 10 years ago

    It cant get any better than TSU baby!!!!!

  • Ball83 - 10 years ago

    TSU AOB83 Go Big Blue!!!

  • Theo Vaults - 10 years ago

    The Prairie View A&M University and QUE NATION! No comparison.

  • JSmooth - 10 years ago

    Tennessee State University is ground zero for one the best HBCU Educations that an individual can get!

  • Cheryl Springer - 10 years ago

    There is no greater experience than attending an HBCU! NC A & T State University!!! # 1 in the world!!AGGIE PRIDE NATION WIDE!!!!!!! Give me that Blue & Gold!!!!!!

  • JRob - 10 years ago

    TSU/AOB for life Bbaabbyy!!!!

  • J-Will - 10 years ago


  • SC - 10 years ago

    TSU Baby! Go Big Blue!

  • Fareed - 10 years ago

    Morehouse/Spelman is it. You have no idea

  • Larr - 10 years ago

    T S U all the way baby..!!

  • THE HILL - 10 years ago


  • Shay - 10 years ago

    I vote Tennessee State University!!!!

  • C-Hale - 10 years ago

    I vote Alabama A&M University!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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