Do you support Zip Lines by Ullswater (Poll Closed)


  • Caroyln - 6 years ago

    Bred, but not born in Cumbria, the Lakes will always be close to my heart ( even if I no longer live there) Allowing this proposal to go ahead would be a huge shame

  • Rob Shephard - 6 years ago

    For anyone looking to vote agains this proposal you can now do so at Many thanks!

  • Fay Anderson - 6 years ago

    I am from the '20s' age bracket and totaly disagree, not with zipwires, mountian biking, trill seeking and general fun, but with this location. The company planning this & the LDNP must be mad to think that this activity and this location match. There are plenty of other suitable places, why this one? It doesn't make any sense and should not go ahead!

  • rebecca Gibson - 6 years ago

    no!!!!! Glenridding does not need this , its beautiful natural, peaceful landscape its just perfect. people come to glenridding for the beauty, its tranquility, and to climb the mountains, to sail on the lake. if you want excitement go somewhere else!!! Do not spoil Glenridding!!! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

  • Paul Orton - 6 years ago

    I'm open to development ideas.

    We need to remember that the current environment is a result years of human intervention; mining, farming and deforestation principally.

    If a zip wire were combined with a reforestation/re-wilding project then I could be persuaded.

  • Ann Devenish - 6 years ago

    The Cumbria visitor survey is carried out every 3 years by cumbria tourism. It is the only available source of information, providing objective and robust analysis of the profile and characteristics of cumbria's visitors. It is an invaluable source of information for businesses in the tourism industry. The ability to understand the visitor market and the implications of recent trends is imperritive when maintaining and growing market share.
    The 2012 survey is the most recent. Here are some of the key findings:
    "Cumbria continues to attract a higher proportion of visitors from the older age group with 70% aged 45+ and 37% 60yrs and older." When asked about their motivation for visiting cumbria "69% choose to visit cumbria because of the physical scenery and landscape, 54% for the atmospheric characteristics of the area, ie that it is peaceful, relaxing, beautiful etc. 44% visit because they have been before - the loyal repeat market"
    So here we have empirical evidence that the vast majority of visitors are indeed the from the older age group (the so called grey pound) but that their motivations to visit the area are contrary to that suggested by the target market of the zip wire company.
    I wonder where they have got their figures from for their business plan??
    The survey also states that staying visitors ie those who stay in the area as oppossed to day visitors are far more valuable to cumbria's visitor economy. So it is imperative that a place like Glenridding looks after its existing loyal staying visitors who are already attracted by its peaceful beauty and unspoilt scenery.

  • L.S.Bottomley (steve) - 6 years ago

    Firstly an excellent written article
    Second to the old farts comment while it is true that the lake district is there to be enjoyed by all, you will find that there are enough Visitor activity centres around for all who want this sort of "Entertainment"
    We chose Ullswater as our preffered spot because it is what it is now, it can get busy and suspect supports the existing businness there as it now stands
    Taking the disturbance of the wire and it's assosciated noise to one side, because it is a given that this will be excessive for the area, the wire will do nothing for the present hotel/guest house/holiday accomodation. A Zip wire attraction, is just that, an attraction, something people go for a couple of hours then move on to the next excitement because that is the style of holiday they wish, they do not nescessarily stay in the area. So to make the venture viable they would need a vast number of visitors a day, who turn up for a couple of hours then move on. In other words a massive increase in traffic which will undoubtedly be coming up Kirkstone from the Kenndla -Ambleside routes into the lakes
    To be brutal an ill thought out idea that will totally ruin the area visually and take away the tranquility of a beautifuly relaxing part of the world
    A definite no,plans should never be submitted or even considered and I will sign every petition to that effect.

  • Emma - 6 years ago

    Zip wires are great fun and a great attraction but only in the right location. Young and old can enjoy zip wire attractions within 20 minutes of Glenridding already either at Brockholes Visitor Centre or Whinlatter Forest. Surely wanting to leave the main route up to Helvellyn traffic and noise free doesn't make you an old fart. The area already has plenty to offer both young people - just come and see for yourself any weekend you like!

  • jim henley - 6 years ago

    Zip wire should go ahead. Something for the younger generation to enjoy. The lake district should be enjoyed by all, not just you old farts.

  • Janet Spalding - 6 years ago

    this scheme cannot be allowed to go ahead. The impact on such a tranquil landscape would be devastating. We are at a loss to understand how a body such as the Lake District National Parks Authority can entertain such a crackpot idea which would totally destroy a beautiful location when surely they have a responsibility to protect the natural landscape.

  • Barbara Kidder - 6 years ago

    Beautifully written and totally well-reasoned. I have been near the base of a zip line and they are awful eyesores and the noise level is daunting. It would be, for me, reason to avoid Glenridding. How to make sure it doesn't happen! I have no local voice, but will sign petitions and write letters and anything else I can do. I'll keep watch for opportunities to help.

  • Chris Powell - 6 years ago

    My favourite part of the country, let alone the Lake District. It would be a horrible mistake for this to happen, and it shouldn't even be considered in the first place.

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