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  • Jil peterson - 9 years ago

    i did open all images up but I knew even before I diid that it was image 2 for me. The real-ness of the tree/landscape made the magical sparkle trail so much more of an exciting prospect! This cover has energy , xxx

  • Tiffany - 9 years ago

    I like the layout and font in 1 for the title but wonder if the sub text could be different as it's difficult to read. Also love the sparkly trail if this could be included?

  • Steph - 9 years ago

    Image 1 layout with image 2 font and sparkles x

  • Wendy - 9 years ago

    Image 4 with the sparkle trail shown on Image 2 will be fab
    Text font on Image 1 is too fancy, hard to read
    Text centred across the image backdrop is kinder to the eye than the RH vertical setting

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