Would Arsenal have won if Mourinho was manager and Wenger was in charge of Chelsea?

  • jordangooner - 7 years ago

    Whilst I do not like Mourinho, he is ruthless, and puts results ahead of the board, directors and the club overall. Given the money, he will buy who ever is needed. Also Mourinho has no loyalty to the club. Wenger is very loyal and looks at the bigger picture. He cares re the long term stability of the club. This is demonstrated by his loyalty to Arsenal
    many clubs wish to hire hm for more money. He help develop the club, stadium, training facilities and brand and image. Look at the players he developed and bought. His weakness is due to his principled approached,he loses out on players and he will.buy if he feels they overpriced. This can hold us.back. Also he is not always aware of the importance of filling certain positions, CH and DM as examples. I voted yes re the result with Mourinho, however this view is short term, in the long term, Wenger is an Arsenal man and will.be better for our classy club!!

  • Olatunbosun tajudeen bankole - 7 years ago

    Mou would have won convincingly

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