• jamie - 10 years ago

    that is a great point bonnie. i've read a little about that, but you are right. for some reason, it is being buried. thanks for bringing it to our attention. sorry for the delay in the response, for some reason wordpress never bothered to tell me you commented. thanks for reading and posting your thoughts.

  • Bonnie - 10 years ago

    Actually my real choice wasn't up there. That virus that is now in over40 states in the US, has killed at least one child and is suspected in the deaths of 5 others and has paralyzed over 20 children (and counting) in the USA that isn't being covered (or covered enough) by the news media to make a difference concerns me more than any of those. What also concerns me is how this can be happening IN America but no one is warning parents to look out for their children and get them to the doctor immediately if they display any respiratory problems. Instead they dedicate 10 to 30 minutes of their newscast to "warn" Americans about a virus that is killing people in a 3rd world country that doesn't have the medical ability to fight it.

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