Which Project Should Nathan Choose?

  • Nathan - 8 years ago

    Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for voting. I imagine it is hard to picture the gameplay, however I will try my best to describe it. The gameplay will be split between the real-world and the virtual world. Real-world will be third-person, quite similar to Assassin's creed, however with less climbing and more action.

    The virtual world will be a bright mix of green and gold, similar to a computer's motherboard. You will be able to run and climb in the world as well as fast travel by attaching yourself to data packets. You can also disguise yourself as viruses, run from anti-virus and climb firewalls.

    If you have any queries, please let me know

  • Stuart - 8 years ago

    although project two sounds more unique, it is difficult to picture the gameplay from a brief description. Survival games are generally fairly epic so I had to vote that way. The idea of a semi 'tron' game sounds great tho.

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