Do you believe in life after death? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes, a part of us goes on living when our bodies give up
    2,073 votes

  • No, it is wishful thinking – death really is the end
    1,405 votes


Posted 4 years.


  • D. C. wijeratna - 3 years ago

    According to the poll 40% do not believe in life after death.

    If death is the end what is the purpose of their life?
    At any given instance, they actually belive that there is a future instance and act accordingly. They at least eat to continue. So they believe that there is life after this moment. This they do until the moment of death. Therefore, the answer given by the 40% may not be truthful.

  • D. C. wijeratna - 3 years ago

    According to the poll 40% do not believe in life after death.

    If death is the end what is the purpose of their life?
    At any given instance, they actually belive that there is a future instance and act accordingly. They at least eat to continue. So they believe that there is life after this moment. This they do until the moment of death. Therefore, the answer given by the 40% may not be truthful.

  • kundu sudhakaran - 3 years ago

    yes! there are two types of life after death !) on earth , while living . when the person gets "SELF AWARENESS" it is his 2nd life 2) after his death his immortal soul continues to progress till it meets its beloved creator!! he stops living ! but the life continues!! so i believe there life after death!

  • James - 4 years ago

    My dad died recently, I am awaiting any signs of his soul or anything that remains in the air around. I would love it and it would give me sense of reassurance. As it is though, I want to believe this could happen, but in truth until it does I believe he is gone, and any sign of afterlife remains in my head as memories only.. I just can't imagine that physics and science allow the dream to come true, things just don't happen like that in my experience. And I'm sorry, I just don't believe that anyone who says they have had a after death experience is thinking straight. I would love to be wrong and mean no disrespect it's just my common sense minds view. Unfortunately I will likely only find out whether I'm right or wrong when my time is up.. If I'm right, then I'll not find out at all, I'll just be gone and others will wonder where I am now when most likely I'll just be - gone.

  • Frederikke Margrethe Møller - 4 years ago

    I believe in reincarnation. I have a lot of experience with that in regression-therapy both as a therapist and as a client.

  • Kevin - 4 years ago

    I beleive death will be no different to before birth. A lack of conscience or memory. Life is a gift and it's best to enjoy it whilst we have this short miracle.

  • edward m gonshorowski pederson - 4 years ago

    God is not the God of the dead but of the living
    The bright light is real i have seren it

  • Olivia - 4 years ago

    YES I believe in life after death I was with my mother when she passed I can't explain the exp but that and many more strange things has happened to me I'm not scared of death at all It's like going home

  • georgina - 4 years ago

    Yes i died 1

  • Glenn Gough - 4 years ago

    This is a topic that has been covered in one way or another since the dawn of humanity. All religions have some common elements. To be a arrogant where we think we have all the answers is absurd.

  • Fazal - 4 years ago

    Science has its answers till death only. What happens after that, is only depending up on our religious beliefs. It is embarassing that the article could not provide any reference to Holy Quran which provides the strong messages on life after death. With all high respect to Hindu, Christian and other communities. As per Islamic belief, once death happens, the soul and physical body will get separated, and soul flies to a different world which is unaccessible to humans. It seems all the religions are in one way or other have some thing in common, and substantiate the existance of life after death.

  • Maroon - 4 years ago

    When someone is going to die, first of all no one must fell fear of death just be happy of dying, after the heart has stopped and after few minutes the brain has stopped to functioning, the soul will fly in the sky and will come back to a randomly person he has just born especially to a baby, but it will not be remembered the previous life.

  • John USAF Retired - 4 years ago

    I have a very hard time speaking of this even now at this moment. I had a man die next to me and after several minutes brought back to life. He described seeing Christ and great peace. Prior to that he was afraid to die. He died three days later in a hospital bed next to mine at St. Albans Naval Hosp. in NY. My story is I didn't believe anything. On active duty (I can't discuss details) was killed and in total darkness called out to a distant God without speaking. I heard and seen every detail, down to the person who seen my face destroyed faint at my feet. My heart beat had stopped and I heard each slowing beat to barely a beat. My blood was gone. Doctors said I lost at least 6 pints. 13 years after I soul searched with not one day of my life not thinking about this. I am now a Christian since 1986 because I studied over 100 theories to find the truth. God is real and has form. There is so much more I need to tell you. God audibly spoke to me calling me by name in a field near my home at 10:00am on a bright sunny day to remind me of the day I called out to Him for help. After the day I died I became 110% rebellious. I even went to Sodom and Gommorah on Earth where millionaires played till daylight and Cocaine was an inch thick free, and Police guarded the 12ft doors of a private club at top and bottom of building. Private tables, at $250000 membership. This was success? Godlessness. I went into massive depression and put a gun to my head. Then God touched me in that field changing my heart. Jesus is the answer not because I was weak, but because I was humbled and now know he is my strength. My death, was because a man next to me want to kill himself. I forgave him face to face. I am no longer afraid to die. I have shared with youth, and done prison ministry. What I saw on that day was darkness or separation from God. Its real. I know. May you have inner peace. I wish I could talk and tell you more in detail. Sometimes alone I still cry for those others who died. God loves you and I. The shed blood of Jesus makes you forgiven.

  • Mary Deioma - 4 years ago

    Not only do we live forever but we don't even have to physically die to experience heaven. The way that we can know this to be true is the consensus of perception. Even though each person's experience is unique, there are often significant points of correspondence.

  • imk1983 - 4 years ago

    Life after death? Sure I believe in it, on faith not science. I can't continue to wait for science to prove what I believe in. How many times has faith proved science to be true. Actually science is not the problem, scientists or anti-faith people are

    BTW these evidences don't prove anything yet, this is not the afterlife. It's only 3 minutes in.... Fascinating but only the tip

  • Eric C. O'Brien - 4 years ago

    Hope is the worst of evils because it prolongs the torment of man.
    Friedrich Nietzsche [1844- 1900]

  • Sven Hallheden - 4 years ago

    An old relative of mine, Alice, assured my mother - that death was nothing to worry about.
    At the hospital in Alingsås, Sweden, Alice came back to life after a second heartattack.
    She had experienced - as many others - a distant light and a striking "calmness."
    24 hrs later the third heartattack occured, and this time, the doctor´s were helpless.

  • Bob B - 4 years ago

    Hundres of prophecies concerning the Messiah were exactly fulfilled. Hundreds of witnesses report seeing the risen Messiah. Most of the Apostles and many of the early followers of Christ refused to renounce their faith in the risen Jesus and suffered horrible deaths. Would all of these die for a lie? With all of the events occurring today with many of them being prophesied thousands of years ago it makes you carefully consider the soon coming return of Christ for his church. Jesus showed and told us of life after death as he overcame death and promised with our belief in him we would do the same. The beggar was escorted by angels when he died as told in the bible regarding Lazarus and the beggar.
    I have no doubt as to life after death for all. Those that are his (Christians) we go to live with him in the new Jerusalem.

  • Darren W - 4 years ago

    Let's be clear, the scientific study concludes that the brain may remain active for up to three or four minutes after the heart stops beating before it eventually dies, instead of the thirty seconds previously thought. They found no evidence of life after the brain had died (i.e. after the three or four minutes were up).

  • anng - 4 years ago

    While we are part of this world we cannot know of anything outside of it. If anything of me remains after death, it will be completely unlike what I call me in this matter-based world.

  • Srinivasan - 4 years ago

    Reincarnation (re-birth) based on one's own Karma is something that is being widely accepted and part of almost ALL of the eastern religious scriptures. So, this finding is nothing new per se. Seeing some of the comments, people are thinking life after death means "seeing" the same person (body). When some one dies, their soul leaves the physical body and goes on to find the next body....

  • iainrae - 4 years ago

    As yet no one has survived death and would defy all known laws of physics , chemistry and biology if they did . Anecdotes of heavenly light , tunnels etc are very sweet but eventually ,even the brain ceases to function .

  • Christopher L. Colegrove - 4 years ago

    Yes and no. That we all die is obvious. No, we don't live as some airy substance after death. Our body returns to dust, awaiting the resurrection, and our spirit returns to God who gave it. But that we will one day live again... soul AND body is hinted at in nature, and given proof in the fact that Jesus Christ, according to witnesses who died for the belief, rose from the dead, both soul and physical body. A truth that did spread like wildfire in the Roman world, turned history on its head, and continues to spread and be accepted by far off cultures and tribes the world, and generations, over.

  • NikosFra - 4 years ago

    Summer of 1976, I was spending a holiday month with my Lycee Leonin (French Lyceum) college mates in the city of Thonon les Bains on the shores of Geneva Lake. I was 13 years old, a Greek kid from Athens, mostly raised by my grand mother (my father's mother). While still sleeping that morning of July 6, saw my grandmother visiting me, gently caressing me from my toes to my forehead as if she was shelding me from something, conveying to me she is leaving this realm and **** i should not be sad or depressed because what happens to her is the most natural, most simple thing that can happen****. Her time has come to move on and sometime in the future, when my time comes, we will be reunited. This felt as if my 'little sun or energ' will merge with a grand sun or energy that she will be part of by that time. And, yes, I saw the light calmly waiting for her and instantly I knew that she has to go pass through it. I would like to stress that at that time I had not been exposed to any similar knowledge, had not read or heard anything about these experiences, of the light, etc. I immediately woke up upset, looked at the time and I also looked at my three high school mates I was sharing the room with. They were still sleeping exactly in the same positions I saw them in the dream while my grandmother was appearing in the room. I also noticed the morning light was coming on the same angle and the light conditions were the same as in my dream. Ultimately, I 'knew' that my grandmother came to say goodbye and kind of bless me for the rest of my life.Here, I have to explain that when I left her back home (to go to this holiday abroad) she was perfectly well; she was not sick. Anyway, later on that day, I got a phone call from my mother informing me that since i left my grandmother became ill, had a stroke and eventually 'we lost her'. When I asked my mother what time grandma passed away the time was the exact time that she had visited me (applying the relevant two hours difference between France and Greece). Today i understand this is what is called a SHARED near death experience. Yes, of course i was devastated, but at the same time and over the years the experience has greatly affected my thinking about life. Material things do not matter so much, while COMPASSION TO ALL LIVING THINGS is a priority. In short, since tge age of 13 I know there is life beyond life. One more thing to mention: my grandmother was an extremely cultured educated woman who spoke 5 languages. Even though she was a devoted Greek orthodox Christian, there was NO mention of Jesus within this experience. That's all for now. Thank you for your patience and for providing this service.

  • sensrbtch - 4 years ago

    when iam not rolling aroun, left 2 right, or reading, wat keeps nudging my bed? my friend died recently,weeks ago. the next night i hear him say" hay, git up, lets gita beer!" i hadent seen the guy for 6 months??

  • Linda - 4 years ago

    I use to be involved in paranormal investigation. I have captured voices when I was the only one on the entire floor let a lone in the room. Those EVP's were considered to be class A, they were clear and responded to what I was saying at the time. The EVP told me something I did not know at the time about the location that later turned out to be true. So I know that there is an existence after death. I don't feel comfortable calling it life after death since death signifies the end of life, but there is an existence after death.

  • JP - 4 years ago

    There is within us all the potential for an immortal soul should we choose to nourish it and bring it to term - even as an expectant mother and her unborn child . Indeed: this physical life could be likened to the pregnancy (growing to term - preparation for birth) of our immortal soul. Our soul is the joint offspring of our minds and the spirit of God that lives within each of us. It is the choice of each of us to either give eternal life to this embryo through our moral choices and living a life of love - or to neglect it and let it die through our iniquities. This I KNOW - not only believe, but I know.

  • robert j ball - 4 years ago

    Believe is a word that seems to mean accepting something written or having been told as true or factual
    without proof or evidence or experience , like Father Xmas or man made religions for instance . For me having experienced what seemed at the time was dying, but was actually awakening, and other spiritual experiences since that time, I know that so called death is a kind of metamorphosis. This is what I know,
    not what I believe. The only real thing is that which is eternal, not ephemeral like this physical world and universe which will pass away. Even the eminent Professor Cox will confirm this. It has been a comfort to me to know there is an eternal realm and in time my spirit will return home there.The eternal spiritual realm has two aspects, light and dark. This physical realm is a program from the realm of darkness as in the Cathari dualist concept. To me the Buddhist concept of this reality being an illusion is close, but illusion implies coming from the self, for me this reality is a deception not illusion ,and everyone including myself is programed with it. This is the first time I have written about this since my awakening and being retuned home again on that night of 31/10/1974. The few occasions that others have asked me about my perceptions, as expected I received the usual response, naturally I do not expect anyone to except my experiences as being relevant and true or factual, they are not able to be proved, but this matters not to me. I have not come across anyone or read of anyone having the same experience as myself, which makes me feel very alone and alien in this world. There is not enough space here to describe my experiences, and my conclusions about this reality here, anyway I have no wish to be laughed at or derided and categorised in some dismissive way. It would not change anything, the end result will be the same for everyone, so I will be glad when my spirit returns home to among and at one with the rest of the spirits of love that are already there forever, when this body and its program is over, and my worldly body and remains remains returned to the ground.

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