What grade do you give the 'Arrow' Season 3 premiere?


  • Jay Zee - 8 years ago

    Glad Sara is gone and Laurel becoming the Black Canary; Tired of the writers following and stringing along the "OLICITY" shippers, that is so ridicules!!!!!!!!!!!!!........I mean, they have Oliver falling in love with everyone, and giving the impression that he just wants to get in every one's panties. Let's hope they, the writers, get back on track as follow the Comics. I'm not even sure why they had Oliver going back and forth with Laurel and Sara, come on Really!!!!!!!!!!!!............What kind of a man does that and what sister would go after her sister's boyfriend over and over again. If Oliver was so much in love with Laurel and didn't take him long to fall in love with the other sister and everyone else...............That's not LOVE............May by it's time to get serious writers and follow the Comics that most of us would like to see.

  • Josh Busch - 8 years ago

    Super upset with Sara being killed off. Liked the idea of her with Oliver much more than Falicity and also enjoyed her working with the arrow and the history that was there between her and Oliver

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