MLive/Flint Journal football Game of the Week: Week 8 (Poll Closed)

  • Lapeer at Flint Carman-Ainsworth (Oct. 17)
    21,314 votes

  • Flint Beecher at Montrose (Oct. 17)
    669 votes

  • Flushing at Fenton (Oct. 17)
    22,883 votes


Posted 4 years.


  • John Ghotti - 4 years ago

    The Flushing/Fenton game deserves to be game of the week. its wounded warrior game, for metro league champs, both undefeated in league play, same colors, and haven't played eachother since flushing won the Big 9 in 1997. Its going to be a good game. so all you ghetto carmen kids can have a seat.

  • Showme - 4 years ago

    First of all let me state that I find it repugnant that those ignorant comments were actually published. Mlive's bad there. Secondly, it's the internet. Do NOT assume anything. The ramblings of a couple of trolls should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Most of the students of C/A are very upstanding respectable young adults. These "trolls" are absolutely NOT a representation of the schools general population.

    Wishing everyone good luck on Friday. Mostly, hoping for zero injuries and everyone plays the best that they can. Win or lose.....It's just a game.

  • iamderp - 4 years ago

    so my predictions for the games

    linden v carman 40-14
    flushing v fenton 49-10
    beacher v montrose..well lets be real, no one cares about that game

  • Karen - 4 years ago

    Beecher.... Let's go buc's

  • nicole - 4 years ago

    Lapeer ALL the way:)

  • Dennis - 4 years ago

    How come it does not give me an option to vote?

  • Fenton Fan - 4 years ago

    The Fenton vs. Flushing game is the "Wounded Warrior" game. It is bigger then home coming.

  • Faith - 4 years ago

    I personally apologize for my fellow students who acted immature and represented Carman-Ainsworth poorly. Not all students at Carman-Ainsworth are like that, and I am deeply disappointed that the public had to see the worst of the student body. I hope karma remorselessly bites whoever said those vulgar things.

  • Carman is Better - 4 years ago

    Y'all talking about Carman trying to be inner city, but a Fenton guy's name is bloodnigga on here. Lmao you're most likely white. Fall back.

  • N/A - 4 years ago

    Man some of you teens need to take a shut tf up and take a seat like do it really matter who the game of the week is I mean carman is The best but I'm not flipping on how we lost we still going to be a better game because everybody always show up at are shit Go Ca!!!!!!!! Let's fuck some shit up!

  • Megan - 4 years ago

    Flushing kids suck! Go CarmanAinsworth! We got this!

  • N/A - 4 years ago

    Good job Carmen for talking yourselfs up and then not even winning though. Immature, selfless, and childish comments will get you no where in life.

  • N/A - 4 years ago

    All you ignorant wanna be inner city Carmen kids need to relax. Flushing vs. Fenton in the game of the week is a better matchup, both are undefeated amongst league competitors. Goodluck to both schools.

  • Bloodnigga - 4 years ago

    Fenton representing!! Go tigers baby

  • iamderp - 4 years ago

    carman kids need to calm down and eat some chicken

  • iamderp - 4 years ago

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.........................carman...........what a joke

  • TP - 4 years ago

    Dont hate on CA forreal yall mad Because yall school gone lose

  • doesntmatter - 4 years ago

    CA sure is making themselves look really ignorant and dumb on here! Hahahaha what a joke!

  • jay nunn - 4 years ago

    Stop hating on carman!!

  • Ca is ignorant - 4 years ago

    All you carman kids are ignorant and obnoxious af- everyone else

  • hercules - 4 years ago

    they not ready 4 them CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your Pussy - 4 years ago


  • big nasty - 4 years ago

    shout to the cute girl in the state jacket

  • jaquinas - 4 years ago

    ya'll suck flushing gone drop pounds on ya'll

  • big nasty - 4 years ago

    shout out to pounds and kj

  • little daddy - 4 years ago

    shoutout to nakiya

  • big nasty - 4 years ago

    shout out to misha

  • Alexus ❤️ - 4 years ago

    Flushing not playing but CA got this!!!

  • boom - 4 years ago

    count money alldayyyyy errtime time my line ring its the money phone

  • cavalier - 4 years ago

    Carman is going to eat'em up so all these other schools just fall back.If yall want a show ,vote for carman.

  • big nasty - 4 years ago

    shout out to mr.klee and jaida

  • Chocolate Daddy - 4 years ago

    We gone win lil babby

  • hercules - 4 years ago

    LET'S GO C.A.

  • FOOD - 4 years ago


  • little daddy - 4 years ago

    hi guys

  • big nasty - 4 years ago

    we about to win its homecoming shout out to kiya and her sister

  • Big Daddy - 4 years ago

    Pounds we gone win

  • Big daddy - 4 years ago

    Fasho lil baby

  • brennan martin - 4 years ago

    lets get it .......squad

  • Kiya - 4 years ago

    GO CA!

  • big nasty - 4 years ago

    CA about to win

  • Kiya - 4 years ago

    We gone get it

  • Jennica - 4 years ago

    Yall better get this dub !!!

  • Korriyah♥ - 4 years ago

    OMG I just want to Jaylen Bradley put in work on Friday! You guys need to come out and watch my boy do work! GO CA GO CA GO CA LOL

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