Should Sheffield United reinstate Ched Evans?

Posted 4 years.


  • spartacus - 4 years ago

    I hope the owners of Sheffield United have the courage not to bow to pressure - they have the right to hire him again. I wonder if the people who signed the petition have bothered to check the facts and how the trial has developed. The woman cannot remember anything about that night, but she could walk into the hotel and pick a pizza she had forgotten outside. Also, drunken consent is consent nonetheless in legal terms. She was deemed able to consent to sex with a man but not with the other. Still, she had sex with Evans after she had sex with the other man - when her alcohol levels must have been lower (she did not drink in the hotel room). It does not make much sense, does it?

  • Jane Hillhouse - 4 years ago

    The 17 year victim has been vilifeid on the social media and again implicitly so, on yesterdaysThis Morning programme in a bid to get his job back. If he does reeturn to football he will be flaunted in his victims face

  • David Newman - 4 years ago

    On his release ched evans will play league football again be it with Sheffield United or another club, so jean hatchet you can have 5 million signatures on that petition it wont make a blind bit of differance.if he was guilty or not ,somebody will be prepairng a contract for him as I speak.

  • okpara - 4 years ago

    If we say no second chance for him then we are convicting him of an offense has done the time. It means that we are wicked, inhuman and not sincere to ourselves and to the world. Is it what Justice system is all about? We give our politicians, government officials second chance when the fall while not extend same to Evans. He has been punished enough and we should not demand another apology from him. He may be innocent of this crime judging from facts available.

  • Derek - 4 years ago

    Second chance or not, the unrelenting verbal abuse from rival fans aimed at the guy and at Sheffield United, will result in his return being simply not worth the bother.

  • Nasa - 4 years ago

    Oh how amazing, wondering whether a rapist deserves second chances, does anyone thinks that a victim ever gets another chance? And to my amazement this whole debate starts from a woman journalist that does not even mention this parameter, no wonder, let's see if she gets raped how she will find justice being really just and what second chances are in any life.

  • Steve - 4 years ago

    He can find a life for himself but he doesn't deserve to have thousands of fans cheering his name and idolising him as many child fans would do! Lee Hughes shouldn't of had a chance either!

  • David - 4 years ago

    Difficult one this.

    Firstly, the journalist needs to get her facts correct. The person who texted "I've got a bird" was the other footballer who was involved and was found "Not Guilty".

    Secondly, should someone apologise if they genuinely feel they are not guilty of the offence? The jury found Evans guilty but this case isn't as clear cut as I suspect many of the petitioners believe. Before anyone says this man should be denied the right to follow his profession when he is released I think they need to make themselves aware of some the facts:

    The victim never said she didn't give consent. She said that she couldn't remember either way. It was the court who decided that she was too drunk to give consent.

    However, the jury found the first man involved "Not Guilty". So apparently we are being asked to believe she was sober enough to consent to sex with one man but she was too drunk to consent to sex with the second man.

    As to the video referred to in this article - take a look at it yourself - it's available online and make up your own mind as to whether it proves the woman involved was too drunk to remember anything.

    There is no doubt Evans behaved reprehensibly that night e.g. inviting his mates to video him having sex. Furthermore, I freely admit I didn't sit in court and listen to the evidence as did the jury. However, the jury did appear to give a contradictory verdict - which has never been explained. The victim never said she hadn't given consent and the evidence on her degree of intoxication doesn't appear conclusive.

    Evans was found guilty, he's served his time and that's as it should be. However, given the above do we really want to stop him earning his living following his chosen profession?

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