What do you consider yourself


  • Marlon - 8 years ago

    Hi, I have been wanting to talk about this issue for many years. I am an American and I live in Taiwan, I have traveled to 57 countries and have lived abroad for most of my adult life. (9 years in China) I am 33 years old. I recently went back to America for a visit. I noticed right away that people called me an African American; that phrase just sounded odd, because when I'm out of America people identify me as an American. But when I'm in America I am identified as an African American which seems almost like a pejorative. Is Olivia...oh, sorry "Raven" a moron? Yes, of course she is. Did Oprah bait her? Yes, kind of. But I sort of agree with her, I am more American than anything, have you been to Africa? I have, and I'm sorry with all the homophobic and Islamist extremism that they have over there I do not want to be associated with this.
    Now I know your chat room is going to go ham on me but I'm sorry, some of the shit they do over there is fucking insane.

  • Mike in London - 8 years ago

    Scottish is about as fair-skinned as it gets! I can't even get a tan.

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