Which Bob the Builder do you prefer?

  • Khairi - 4 years ago

    I'm very disappointed with this. When Thomas and Friends was turned to a CGI, some characters are still recognisable. In Bob the Builder 2015 series however, most of them are unrecognisedable anymore. If they wanted to to turn it into a CGI show, at least they don't make a radical change on the characters.

  • Lizzie - 5 years ago

    They've ruined Bob I grew up with the old Bob and the new one is just terrifying bring back the old Bob he was better and less creepier

  • Ann Mann - 5 years ago

    The new Bob the Builder is not very good with Bob or Wendy. They are not very compsssionate and seem to be self absorbed. Please bring the old Bob the Builder back.

  • Anti-New-Bob the builder - 6 years ago

    What have they done? The old Bob Guided many of todays children and families. This should be seen as an act of treason. The creators should be Hung, Drawn and quartered. Good day.
    P.S. Change him back

  • Jay - 6 years ago

    WTAF The New Bob The Builder Is Shite And The Old Is Perfection , Surely Bob Will Be Changed Back And If He Isn't Then I'll Have A Word With The Creator

  • Dazzla - 6 years ago

    Should now be called " BOB-The Cowboy-BUILDER", can he fix it NO, he'll just take your money and run !!!!

  • jackie - 6 years ago

    bob the builder is designed for small children from 18 months up wards there Innocent minds have no need so early on to know about technology .This new bob the builder is awful and has no resemblance to the old one.they should leave things like this alone.

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