What is the worst rugby league offence in your view?

Posted 4 years.


  • Jim Te wake - 4 years ago

    Although the Hopoate incident and the penis bite thing are disgusting activities, Ben Flowers action on an already incapacitated and unconscious opponent was just an absolutely Despicable and Cowardly Assault (Provoked or not) that should have resulted in criminal charges, a six month Ban is just a slap on the wrist woefully inappropriate for the severity of the offence. Had a member of the public committed the same offence they would be going to prison.

  • Refuse to say - 4 years ago

    Where is the article showing the worst fights in Rugby Union? Im fed up of League getting bad press because of a few incidents. Yes flowers punch is bad and I'm not defending him but I bet the percentage of bad articles compared to good articles about League is probably 85:15. There are loads of positive things in league, for example, Steve Prescott. If a footballer did the amount of charity work that he did and with what he was going through was unbelievable. Journalists don't want to report on it though because it sheds good light onto our wonderful game.

  • Ceri - 4 years ago

    Nah a sexual assault is worse than a punch

  • donna beehag - 4 years ago

    You don't hit anyone when they are down and definitely not when they are unconscious and can do nothing to defend themselves. Cur

  • tom - 4 years ago

    The Anthony watts one is the worst first he bites the guys cock then throws a punch why other guys down only difference is flowers is better at it

  • Chris K - 4 years ago

    Flowers punch is far, far worse than any of the other fights, as he punches someone on the ground whilst they are unconscious, all the others are two (or more) guys fighting as equals

  • bill chelton - 4 years ago

    rugby union reporters got nothing to report about there own idiots lets see some from your code union is a game for fat props and giraffe backrowers who wear lifting lugs on there legs some really great backs thou
    please show us your lists bill chelton

  • Marco Z'Numpty - 4 years ago

    Flowers is disgraced by the 2nd punch, but there is no comparison to the sexual assault carried out by Hopoate!!! You are on a different planet. I'd take someone smashing me when I'm out cold vs a fingering any day!

  • Marco Jones - 4 years ago

    The Flowers foul is easily the worst. The other offenses are all on and off the ball, in the sense that the players are in different degrees of engagement with the ball / other players / the game. Flowers knowingly and with full awareness deliberately constructed a punch to the face of a man (under the circumstances to refer to the victim as a "player" would offer protection to Flowers under the pretense that it was part of a sporting event) who was prone, unconscious and defenseless on the ground, as a result of a blow delivered by the very same Flowers.

    It is obvious that if Flowers was not "playing sport" , he would still be committing such acts of violence.

    Flowers should be banned for life and charged with assault.

    It is a perversion of the spirit of sport that men can use it as a protection against prosecution for behavior that would otherwise be deemed criminal

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