Who is the greatest British F1 driver? (Poll Closed)

  • Lewis Hamilton
    1,647 votes

  • Jim Clark
    1,536 votes

  • Jackie Stewart
    697 votes

  • Stirling Moss
    189 votes

  • Damon Hill
    36 votes

  • Nigel Mansell
    267 votes

  • James Hunt
    97 votes

  • Graham Hill
    23 votes

  • Mike Hawthorn
    17 votes

  • Jenson Button
    71 votes

  • John Surtees
    52 votes


Posted 4 years.


  • Roger Graham - 4 years ago

    To even compare Lewis Hamilton with someone like Jim Clark is transparently absurd. Clark was a genius, arguably the greatest driver in any car ever. Ayrton Senna was once asked if he felt he (Senna) was the greatest ever driver. His reply was that you would have to take Clark out of the equation and then talk about everyone else. While working as a sport journalist I did some research of the greats of Formula One. I took every driver's first two seasons out of the equation, considering them a learning process. I was left with an astonishing statistic unique to Clark. Thereafter in every race in which he took part , Clark won if the car did not suffer mechanical fault. He even won in some races in which the car did develop mechanical fault. Hamilton in Clark's league? (never mind Stewart). It's pure farce.

  • james - 4 years ago

    Shane, you are focusing on the wrong information about Hamilton, wishing any of that crap you are spewing was enough to keep him from the top. Sorry!! . Did you know that LH won the 2014 F1 Driver's championship with all of those errors and other reasons you are focused on in you hate for this man? Speaking of errors, have you checked out a guy by the name of Maldanado, or one by the name ofAdrian Sutil lately? How many mistakes and errors have you in your book about them. and what about the number of poles and podiums do you have in your record book for them? But you have all that to say about a champion who earned it that you refuse to acknowledge. How ridiculous? You may not like LH, but you cannot change that facts which have already made their way into record books. All I know is facts, i.e., that LH has 33 wins, 2 championships; that he has had countless podium, and that he is among the top British racers Ever---and climbing the ladder. All the while, you are refusing to acknowledge facts, but choosing instead waddle in your barrels of hate.

  • james - 4 years ago

    John Dawson is a LH hater, and it's obvious. To use the term spoilt in reference to LH only undermines the accomplishments and belies the record and highlights of this man's racing career. Look at the number of races he has been involved less that FH and JB, and you'd be astounded at the difference. John, comment is more personal in the nature, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the facts.
    Yes, Hamilton earned his way to the top of the charts, to be in the company of the greatest of great British drivers. Do you not agree? Who else could you put on any list that deserves being there more than LH? Unfortunaltely for some, LH is the wrong color in their minds to be deserving of such royal praise, mind you; and I'm not saying that John is among them either. But John does fits soundly into the category of many haters who simply dislike Hamilton for reasons having nothing to do with his record of accomplishments, but more to do with things I find purely person, like John. . Perhaps Johm's preference of a British driver he would contend is not "spoilt" might be someone like Jensen Button, a very good driver in F!. But a quick look at the record and it's clear to see why Button is not among the best of the best of the British drivers, to be even a part of the conversation-- Hamilton. who is not favored by John because he is "spoilt" . How ridiculous! This has nothing to do with racing, or why LH is being included among those British drivers in this very exclusive group. As they say, if you don't like him, get your super license, join an F1 team and go kick his ass to prove that you can be better. Unfortunately for people like John, LH is most equipped as a driver who is still racing in F1, to be seen continuing chipping away at records each new race that he races, and each time he sits on the pole, pal.
    Even Sterling Moss was more gracious than John in his honest praise of LH's accomplishments on the track; and indeed, Moss was not jealous, hating or dismissive about it either. But with some fans, it's just the fact the so many race to undermine and under appreciate LH for reasons having nothing to do with his racing skills, his winning,; but instead, with petty personal things I find disappointing. . Who cares about earrings, or tattoos, pendants, or the way some choose to wear a cap? That's personal, and especially in a world where self expression is everywhere. This is nearly 2015, not 1940, and we need to get up to speed. Admittedly, I don't care much for tattoo, earrings or large pendant held in place by ropes of solid gold? It's not my job to degrade the accomplishments of others on the basis of my own personal dislikes, and the same applies to John. Aside from being spoilt, tell me John, who won the 2014 F1 driver's championship at Abu Dhabi over his closest rival? Facts are in the record book already published. So you cannot take that away. LH' name is at the top for a reason--- because he earned it, fair and square; and not because someone "gave" him the title, pal. Just check the record that the history books with be force to publish, and you'll see LH's name at the top, pal. Stick with the facts, and less the personals; or simply choose to say nothing.

  • John Dawson - 4 years ago

    If the criteria were for skill alone and not the technicalities of the car then Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and Stirling Moss would never be overtaken by someone as spoilt as Lewis Hamilton.

  • Shane De Meillon - 4 years ago

    I can't believe that Hamilton can even be compared with truly great drivers like Jim Clark and the others in this poll.After all the mistakes he makes and has made in his career.His running off the road and locking wheels constantly would have led to him not even finishing races if modern circuits did not have massive runoff areas that they now do.He has hardly covered himself in glory this year making such a hard job of beating a team mate who is not one of formula ones truly top drivers

  • Pete Allen - 4 years ago

    Racing was far more skilled in the 50s to 80s, drivers didn't have overtaking aids, they didn't have know-all engineers with computers in the pits telling them how to drive, and they had the constant knowledge that mistakes by anyone often resulted in death by burning. Drivers now can shunt each other delberately, and they do, knowing that they can cause an accident without too much injury.

  • R McCarty - 4 years ago

    You can't really compare todays racers to those of the 60's and 70's as the cars are far more complex now than in those decades. However it is very interesting that Clark had a much higher percentage of wins per race than Stewart did back in those decades.

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