Who is your Mansfield-area prep football player of Week 7?

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Posted 5 years.


  • Pritch - 5 years ago

    Congrats to my summer lawn mower boy. We're proud if you!!

  • JC smith - 5 years ago

    Who does loudinville play this week, the Lucas Jv??

  • swagdaddy(BBC)max - 5 years ago

    When ever you pass the ball I get a twinkle in my eye that shines like the moonlight like the look in chaise's eyes when she sees Sean walking around in that tight nurses uniform around school with a tear dripping down her face whispering to herself, why did I let him go

  • Bustermcrhunderstick - 5 years ago

    Sean BBC Williams! Shultz how's the head shining goin?

  • ClutchPuppyKlupp - 5 years ago

    The way he throws the ball is so passionate. His arm motion intrigues me to my boiling point. There is such finesse while the ball is in the air that it makes me cry and make paintings about it. The women gasp when he sets his feet to throw like some kind of prince charming. His hair flows in the wind under his helmet as he makes his reads. His teeth sparkle in the moonlight when he smiles after a big gain. Stupid mexican!

  • Abdullah Hassan (not isis) - 5 years ago

    hey Austin haven't spoke to you in a long while, how are they dogs doing? Operation Ebola outbreak is going well just dropped some off in Ohio hope you like it call me for plans sometime at
    1-800-not-Isis p.s not Isis

  • Chaise - 5 years ago

    Sean you cannot escape my grasp...you're a big boy, and sometimes your shorts are eaten by your cute backside...but I will have you.. we will be together forever...like Ecedric and the darkness!!!

  • Preston - 5 years ago

    I sho luv me sum Austiiiiiiiiiiin Fiiiiiinley....the crazy hair, pastel colored feminine wear everyday to school (who else pulls off red jeans), and the cohones to wear UGG boots in the winter!!! He is a regular Tom Brady, minus the model wife. I miss the days of Kyle Galco, Ramey, Powers and Taylor Marquardt running through the fields getting ready to cook dinner for Juwan, Frank and Hunter only to be backstabbed my Milan and Check Washington. Nobody saw that coming, not even Logan Pack. I still think golf may be Austins best sport, but I only eat banana's when ripe and leave the oranges for Trevin, (when he isn't faking a concussion). Austin has completed passes to Devlin and Jordan but more importantly Tyrell. Klupp once farted on Austins hands and Kanyon laughed, while Keen ate grapes while reading the Wrath. Sudberry will be back, though he trippin on some real stuff, keeping it 100. Dakota likes to rummage with gutter rats, causing drama and headache for Erin and the trainers....why Fabian? Why? Thorpnado will be the next to dance with the pretty lady inside the endzone, while the rooster crows at dawn. We will all wish Diller was healthy but alas, I am rambling, like the Ramble Inn....Im hungry, where is Sean Williams and Alex Hill...time for brunch.

  • young dougie fresh - 5 years ago

    man I swear young Austin that man is
    the truth but chaise Williams man I heard sean misses you a lot man hit him up

  • christi mack - 5 years ago

    J.Howard - yesterday
    Austin Finley is one of the best QBs in the area,when he gets the chance to show his talents.He proved that with that great win over Clear Fork. Go Rams!!!

  • MADISON IVY - 5 years ago

    Madison QB Austin Finley hit 9 of 13 passes for 295 yards and 3 TDs to beat Clear Fork 49-27.63%135 votes
    /Users/bbcoach/Desktop/j dan.jpg

  • Chaise Williams - 5 years ago

    OMG!!!! Sean im so proud of you!!! You are soo so good at football and have a bright future ahead of you. I will be at your next game in orrville friday!! I can't wait to see you after the game and give you a big hug and kiss!!! I am your number one fan by far. We are soon to be lovers again after this fantastic football season. Nobody cares about you as much as me sean. You have my vote in my heart, on the field, and in the bedroom. Remember back in the summer at the campfire? We will always be stuck together like glue sean. You mean everything to me and make me really happy especially when you Skype me every single night!! I love those late nights when we cuddle in your basement. Everything about you is perfect especially your body. I love your big and muscular build. I am always cheering for you every friday. Homecoming was so soo so fun with you!!! We should go out to eat again thursday night and spend some time together and have some fun!! Thank you for everything Sean Williams. I will be wearing your green jersey to the game friday. Im so excited!!!! Number 71 is mine forever.

  • Robert G. Baker (RBlll) - 5 years ago

    The way findlay throws passes drops heads like ISIS. he once threw a pass alongside my colleague Jeff Alan that was closed to being snagged in for 6. Autisn findlee is my American Idol. Below i attached his 2013 stats...

    Pass completed to Taylor Marquat.

    And Folks vote for Finlye becuase he's a good qB and has talent enough to go to the AFL. Vote for me Guys thanks !!!!!! !

  • christian (BBC) duncan - 5 years ago

    austin findley wow where do i start. this young man has incredible talent on and off the field in the classroom and in the kitchen. my vote defiantly goes for this young man

  • joshua daniel foster - 5 years ago

    hey fellas josh dan here thanks for considering me in the votes for player of the week i feel very honored and accepted in this communicating project one of my favorite football coaches mr t. shulz and i are holding a banquet for my major accomplishments of winning player of the week 6 out out of 7 times. i agree with everyones perceptions on how good i am. i also would like to share this recipe with all of my fellow ohioans.
    Preheat an oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Line a large baking dish with aluminum foil.
    Generously spread the softened butter over the flesh of the squash; lie in the prepared baking dish with the cut sides facing down.
    Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes. Flip the squash and put about half the butter and about half the brown sugar in each of the cavities of the squash halves. Return to the oven until the outer shell is soft, about 10 minutes more. Spoon the flesh of the squash into a bowl to serve.

    it is a very tasteful recipe me and my boy..... i mean girlfriend really enjoyed this.

  • Suga Cube Light - 5 years ago

    Yo!!! Fin daddy is my dawg yo!! Back at Eastview I knew the kid had mad skills throwing the magic bean around. He used to look off the gym teacher ( Mr. Grove bald self) and throw beebee's into the endzone in gym class. He once even got busy in a Burger King bathroom with himself!!!! Himself!!!! Brayden Adams smells like beef and cabbage also, I find myself getting hungry as I write this now....

  • Gerald k - 5 years ago

    It's good to see Madison throwing the ball finally..

  • brandon adams - 5 years ago

    I'd like to congradulate all my fellow ohio athletes for the opportunity to participate in the player of the week 7. Its been the "bees knees" quote from Earle Dibbles Jr. (1927) As I've studied American football for the past 10 years I've noticed that Austin Finley is the swellest Quarterback in the league, not only is he a swell quarterback but he's an all around swell fella. #VoteForBrandon #RamPride

  • Snoop Lion (Uncle Snoop) - 5 years ago

    Just like I said for Juwan, Fin you keep doin whatchu do man. #GoRams

  • sean williams - 5 years ago

    good job to all the fellow football players on getting the opportunity to pursue your dreams. i hope for all of you great fortune. i am myself a madison ram so for the sake of my fellow teammate i will be voting for him. but i voucher good luck to all of the other contenders in this weeks " player of the week " contest. this contest originated in the early 1900s allowing the players being voted upon the pedestal to show the gratitude from the fellow ohioans. so once again i say thank you to all my friends for voting for me.

  • Brady ( The fat kid from freshman year ) - 5 years ago

    Austin all the way!!!!! He once gave my favorite goldfish mouth to mouth when it drowned. He is a great qb and even better swimmer!!!! YOU WANT A COOKIE JUWAN??????

  • s miller - 5 years ago

    Austin Finley played an awesome game. RAM NATION!!!

  • P J - 5 years ago

    Austin proved himself Fri. nite and only played two and a half quarters. He's a humble and smart young man and given the chance can do some damage in the remaining games.

  • Kilgore - 5 years ago

    A QB getting that many yds on the ground is unheard of.

  • Deb - 5 years ago

    Austin Finley!!!!!

  • annonymous - 5 years ago

    How you can vote for anyone but Kolten is beyond me. Have fun sucking. Fear The VILLE

  • J.Blaising - 5 years ago

    Humble on and off the field. Great role model and athlete. He deserves to be player of the week.

  • Jordan west - 5 years ago

    austin Finley is a class act on the field and gets the job done has my vote for sure!! Go rams

  • Susan K - 5 years ago


  • Frankie G - 5 years ago

    congrats to all the boys, you're all great football players.

  • Corrie - 5 years ago

    Go Austin!!!!

  • B. Adams - 5 years ago

    Way to go Kolton! A fine young man and a very talented QB. Kolton has the arm strength and speed second to none in this area. Good luck Kolton and all Redbirds.

  • T Wendling - 5 years ago

    Go Austin!!

  • Judie Collins - 5 years ago

    Austin is a great quarterback and great kid !! He is someone others can look up to, a class act !! Go Austin !

  • Julia - 5 years ago

    Go Austin!

  • L. Rupert - 5 years ago

    Austin Finley showed his talent on the field Friday night!!! My vote is for this talented young man!!! Go Austin!!!

  • Jeff Ginn - 5 years ago

    I watched the Finley kid this year and he is a very accurate passer.

  • Harris - 5 years ago

    10 to win!!!!! Go Fin!

  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    Austin should win because hes the hottest.

  • J.Howard - 5 years ago

    Austin Finley is one of the best QBs in the area,when he gets the chance to show his talents.He proved that with that great win over Clear Fork. Go Rams!!!

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