What's the most important ingredient for the perfect pub?

Posted 4 years.


  • Jonathan Cockburn - 3 years ago

    Sorry about the typo! I meant Jeremy Littlewood

  • Jonathan Cockburn - 3 years ago

    I could not agree with Jeremy Liikewoid more. His list is better than Orwell's. My local, the Brockweir Inn in the Wye valley has been transformed over the past four years by the arrival of lively, intelligent and friendly landlords. A village without a pub is like a yacht without any wind - yes, you can survive by putting the motor on, but it's nothing like as much fun!

  • Harold Jones - 4 years ago

    Wetherspoon is based on Orwell's Moon under Water. Hundreds of spoons pubs in the good beer guide but none of the rip off prices!

  • Ian - 4 years ago

    And dogs should be allowed to meet the "proper pub" criteria.

  • Jeremy Littlewood - 4 years ago

    A good pub needs firstly a landlord who is either the Owner, or a Tenant, a man who runs his own business by force of his own personality. No Managers, God forbid!
    Secondly it needs to serve good beer, preferably from a variety of brewers.
    Thirdly no music, TV or fruit machines
    A pub is there for drinking and social intercourse between all classes and creeds. When I lived in the UK we had a clientele ranging from a retired High Court Judge to a local dustman.
    It should also serve good food, whether snacks or meals.
    The d├ęcor and furnishings should ideally not be modern, but should be "cosy", open fires in the winter are great.
    Small children and babies either in a special bar or garden only, not in the saloon or public bars
    And finally Police cars should not lurk in the vicinity!!!

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