Do you think there's a place for instant film in the age of digital? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes, it’s an enjoyable creative medium that gives you a unique print
    155 votes

  • It would be fun for a short while, but isn’t something I’d have much use for
    62 votes

  • No, it was good in its day but instant film has had its day. I’ve no interest in using it now
    64 votes

  • It was never any good even in its heyday, and certainly not now
    49 votes

  • None of the above
    12 votes


Posted 5 years.


  • Chris Garner - 5 years ago

    Instant film never had the excitement and anticipation of waiting for a pack of 36 7x5" quality prints from a camera with a decent lens, and at an affordable price. Neither did it have the ability of adjustment after taking, or the quality of a digital. No thanks, I'll leave it to the Expensiveoutoffocustoycamera brigade.

  • Paul Hagan - 5 years ago

    As creative and thoughtful practitioners why would any photographer wish to limit the media available for creative expression?
    The painter has oils, water colours, acrylics, gouache ..... etc. The sculptor has marble, clay, wood .....etc. Photographers will be all the poorer if they cannot appreciate all the techniques that have been made available since the very first true photographic processes were developed. You may never want to make use of them but others may choose to, and they are part of the available palette of the truly creative photographer.
    If someone does not use these techniques you will only have to blink and they will be gone forever.

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