Should the West intervene on the ground to save Kobane?

Posted 4 years.


  • California, USA - 4 years ago

    SISI knows that a defeat by the female led Kurds of Kobane would be the most humiliating blow imaginable and a clear message to Islam that they are not blessed followers of God but instead bullies and abusers of women and children. Such a humiliating defeat in Kobane will force all true followers of Islam to ask themself if Allah is really on their side.

  • Kurdistan - 4 years ago

    Omar ibn Khatab quotes from Muhammad that: "Kurds are a kind of jinn(genie) that Allah unveiled to humans ..." Muhadirat Al Udaba by Raghib Al-Isfahani page 160.
    Muslim Arabs cannot tolerate Kurdish people because their prophet Muhammad teaches them that Kurds are not humans, and several hadiths orders the Muslims to not make any relationships and not marry with Kurds.
    Imam Hasan Al-Askari says in a hadith: "do not punish the kurds except by swords." Alkafi, volume 7, page 297.

  • Whoever - 4 years ago

    Turkey has to see past it's hatred of the Kurds and help save Kobane. If it wants to enlist help, that is the way to do it. In fact it is high time that their differences were resolve with the 'kurds'. And also the Kurds realize that you cannot be a bunch of tribes. You have to be part of a country. Until all let go of old issues, that can never be resolved anyway never ever, and concentrate on building a future here and now, it will not go well. Turkey is spending a lot of money being a good guy helping untold numbers of refugees. They need to get their return on their investment now and come to a deal, help save Kobane, and work will all to handle Assad (who says ISIS doesn't exist) and extemisim. As for IS, surprising they have caused so much trouble instead of just concentrating on taking over Syria and becoming the IS of Syria (and part of Iraq) and not resorting to behavior no one can agree with. They could have had their state maybe already as without the extreme methods, they wouldn't have drawn in outside resistance at all.

  • whoever - 4 years ago

    Thanks to United States of America, Kobani is still Standing!!! Thanks America

  • whoever - 4 years ago

    Kobani doesn't Need any Boot on Ground!!! what they need is Simple!!! ISIS has most Modern American Weapon that they Captured from Iraqi Army!!! what now in Kobani is Happening, is an unfair Battle. what Kobani needs now is Defense Weapon!!! how can with AK go Battle with Modern American Tank!!!! its Just Not Fair!!!!!While the Hole World Watching Live on TV, how ISIS Killing those who Defend there hometown!!!! and Turkey's Army Got First Seat to Watch and Giving ISIS Intelligence first hand !!! While the ISIS regrouping and gathering more fighters from Turkey ,!! Kobani is Surrounded and can Not do that!!!!! and Turkey has VIP Seat to Enjoy the Show!!!! you Tell me what is Going on??????
    and don't Forget!!! all the Muslims From all Around the World see Kurd ans Evil and Satan!!! because there Women is not wearing scarf!!!! the Kurds are Doomed!!!

  • Mr J G Taylor - 4 years ago

    No we do not need boots on the ground because there are already local forces there ready to do that job. Perhaps Turkeys position is also reasonable given the Kurds bombing of Turkey. What it does seem to need is all the parties (Turks, Kurds, US...) getting together and sorting out who does what. Action via public opinion is a lousy way to do anything.

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