Is there such a thing as the "airport club"?

Posted 4 years.


  • Jack P - 3 years ago

    If you will be at MDW and want to try airport sex, please let me know a few days before so we can plan it. I work at the airport and there are places to go where we will not be discovered.

  • Will - 4 years ago

    Well believe it or not, outside of the dull automaton culture of "consume/distract/wander around aimlessly/sleep" this kind of thing does actually happen and it's not as shallow as it's presented here. I had an amorous encounter while waiting for a flight to Thailand last year and it was lovely and one of the best adventures I ever had. It was like a scene out of a movie and it set me up for my whole holiday! Met a gorgeous woman in the waiting room, we got chatting and really got along. When our flight was called we went up and discovered our seat numbers were right next to each other! I didn't think I believed in destiny til then. So we flirted, had a few drinks and as the flight was 10 hours or so and we liked each other we both thought "sod it why not" and had a good old snog. She even climbed on top of me when the lights went off. I told her maybe we should be a bit more discreet. OK so we didn't actually have sex and it was on the plane rather than the waiting room that it really got going but it was pretty darn steamy and fun I tell you and beats the hell out of eating nutrition-devoid airport food or wasting money buying stuff you don't really need at ridiculous prices. And this is a true story. So I say: be open to adventure, you never know when or where you'll meet someone you're sexually compatible with you who's open to it at the same time as you are.

  • Nunya - 4 years ago

    Hahahahaha... Someone lives in his fantasies. Sad. 3 attendants in a flight. Yeah, because that happens.
    Lord. Now I know the mental stability of those who claimed they had sex in the airports.

  • Your new best friend! - 4 years ago

    Kate, thanks for sharing your fantasy! Be careful, those public toilets are FILTHY.

  • OJ Simpson - 4 years ago

    When a moribund magazine, TV show, or website needs to increase it's audience, it fabricates a childish fantasy that goes like this . . . " X percent of people have had sex at (insert absurd location here)!" I see this week's location is "The Airport!!!" OMG! The Airport! Wow!!! I need to send this link to All My Friends! This is so interesting! So exciting! My god! Sex at the Airport! Never seen anything this crazy before, ever, anywhere! My god. Sex at the Airport!

  • Mickey - 4 years ago

    My first was at age 18 on a "red eye" to Dallas with three attendants! Fun for a college boy. I graduated to a single when in the Marines, and several times on a 747 with a few passengers! With the price of a ticket, you have to get something to mitigate the expense!

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