Is a $30 monthly transit pass realistic for Vancouver?

  • Aaron - 7 years ago

    First of all, this is a great idea.
    $30 a month for a 3 zone pass.

    Just like the good old days, where zone passes are $30-$50

    1 zone - 30
    2 zone - 50
    3 zone - $60

  • MR - 7 years ago

    This idea can never take off!
    Nevermind the fact that Vancouver only has one zone, how does she propose to pay for this? When she says things like, "You can opt out.", does she mean to say this would be a tax imposed on Vancouverites? How would she go about that, then?
    I would love to take the bus to work everyday, but with a child in day care, it's just not feasible at all. If she wants to gain ANY traction at all (which she won't, as she's very much in the fringe) she should look into how she would approve ride sharing programs like Über and the like. Vancouverites hate the exorbitant cost of taxi fares, and want more options. Especially the 19 - 25 crowd who still like to go clubbing. They need more safe, cost effective, and reliable options to get home other than Translink and taxis.

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