Nikon D90 with video

  • RPASr - 12 years ago

    Why limit creative capacity? A video clip can do what a boatload of Hasselblads, Nikon D3's and Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III's cannot do. Some only want to take a picture, others want to capture a special moment in time.

  • Pablov - 12 years ago

    As I've already said in

    today's and future Multimedia device technology tends to integrate many features in one device, when possible.

    As long as the Image Quality is not compromised, adding a very useful features (for some or many situations) as Video recording is ALWAYS a GOOD thing.

    I don't use GPS feature, but I could NEVER say it is a "Horrible" idea. Just don't use it, as simple as that.

    In the future DSLR will have HD Video recording (hope it happens SOON).
    If you don't like it, don't use it. SIMPLE as that.

    If you are a "traditionalist" who think a "Pro" or "Prosumer" DSLR "Should ONLY" take still photographs, then you should see what happens around you.
    Maybe you should also go for a SLR and discard Digital too, not to mention avoid using GPS features, Wireless connection between cameras or devices, 51-points AF (use manual), LiveView, or any new feature that is not compatible with "traditional" photography...

    ** THE POINT IS: if a DSLR camera can add a Video feature (or any other that could be useful for many people or situations) Whitout compromising IQ, why not to do it?
    It Expands the possibility of use. Even more if it is HD at good frame rate video recording.

    As one said, he used, in his job, the real time HDMI output of a Nikon D300 to make a TV comercial.... That is AMAZING, and I congratulate him for that intelligent idea.

    Journalist Photographers could also take some video clips, not only still images, if the Video recording get Good quality.

    Jobs and tasks tend to integrate each other, in MANY Professional areas
    Despite High Pro Video (as for Film/Movie making) is still far away from implementation on a Photographic Camera and maybe never happens, there will be some (sveral) approachs to integrate Lot of Features in one Digital Device.

    That already happened (and still happens) with Cell phones, the clearest example.

    Digital Photography is growing exponentially, so it will also integrate lot of features.

    ** CONGRATULATIONS TO NIKON for making this GOOD MOVE, and keep improving that. SEVERAL Professionals will appreciate, and take advantages of HD VIDEO recording on DSLR. ***

    I work in VISUAL ARTS and Fine Arts, and Photo and Video capabilities are more than wlecome and useful, also more MP that allows make bigger prints, or crop an area with more details. Of course, as long as keeping or improving the Image Quality, that's obvious.

  • Steve - 12 years ago

    It's a good idea. Think of the You Tube possiblilities!

  • Narna - 12 years ago

    Great idea. Basically P&S users are used to having this feature and are confused when DSLR's don't have liveview and movie mode. If it helps people make the transition then its a good inclusion. How many of the existing features in your DSLR don't you use now? This is just another one. Oh and the clincher, the first friend I told excitedly said she wanted one once I mentioned video.

  • darrin Johnson - 12 years ago

    What are people afraid of? This is merging the still and film. There are countless times in the field that having a camera with this capability would be nice. It saves on having to take two pieces of equipment. This is a great add on.

  • Catweazle - 12 years ago

    @Cicpan, It's neither a point and shoot nor a semi professional DSLR. It's a consumer (maybe "prosumer") grade DSLR and as such a camera, video capability makes perfect sense.

  • Cicpan - 12 years ago

    Video in DSLR??????? Why??????? This is a point & shoot, or Semi-Professional Camera???

  • Knut - 12 years ago

    Why not? If you don't like it, don't use it. The cost to implement is probably next to nothing. Why shouldnot Nikon be a spearhed in the march towards integration of video and still.
    so much conservatisme.......

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