Black Men Vs. Black Women


  • Johnny Drama - 10 years ago

    I went with this is stupid in the poll, but I want to be careful because there's a lot of internalized pain behind whatever divisions there are. I actually went to college with the woman that wrote the article and I can say first hand she's been dealing with issues with her identity and relationship to Blackness for a long time and that clearly came across in a rather poorly written article that makes too many generalizations.

    Black women are fucking amazing point blank. This divide is something I see more on twitter than in real life, and it always strikes me as the loudest and most insecure people polluting the conversation in ways that aren't always representative or helpful. Certainly the relationships are not perfect, and we can all learn to do better by each other. Given how much Black women have held us down, I can understand disappointment when they don't feel that's being returned, but there isn't a damn thing in this world that's not to love about Black women and I know they love us.

  • PrinceLeron - 10 years ago

    This is stupid, but I decided to go with the black women on this one. That is because I've been witnessing all the shit that black women have to go through on a daily basis. I know you guys remember the woman that wrote an article saying that she would not march for Eric Garner. I taught she was being over dramatic at the time but she was mostly right. It seems that every time black men need supports, black woman supports them. And when black women need a support, all they get is a debate on whether or not their issue is valid. I know that these internet interactions my be skewed because aint-shit niggas come out in droves to harass and troll black women whenever possible. However, if that is all they see I can understand why black women fell that they do not get enough support. Now I'm not saying that black man don't support black women but I think it is obvious that one side is fighter harder than the other.

    Now in the context of this article, she's just crazy. I think she just has a problem with her own blackness. Multiple times in the article she stated that she was not like a certain type of black person. I'm inferring that she thinks better than dem niggas from the hood because she grew up in the suburbs. But she made an effort to sound "hood" during certain points in the article.

  • Marlon - 10 years ago

    Joe Spacely, what in the world are you talking about? I read your post 4 times and have had a difficult time understanding what your point is.

    The author of the article clearly has mental health concerns and I would like to know where she got her 'master's degree'? Does her university not require English 101?
    Rod, what happened to the Huffington Post? It used to be a reputable source of news and information, now its seems to be full of 'click-bait'. Do you think this is the new normal in American journalism?
    (oh, I think Joe Spacely is hilarious on guess the race)

  • Cappadonna - 10 years ago

    Good Lord - the article is horrendously stupid & this woman needs Jesus. She sounds like every angry, bourgeois, self conscious sister I met in college. There are real problems, but this article reflects the writer as a double bound wretch - the piece of shit the universe revolves around. On the real, you can't humble brag about how educated and beautiful you and wonder why a lot of brothers may avoid you like the plague.

    She's conflating real issue of colorism and self-hatred within the Diaspora between stuff she should really be sharing with her pastor or her therapist.

  • Joe Spacely - 10 years ago

    This is stupid, but if this ever does actually come up, don't sleep on black women! I promise that Ray Rice keeps one eye open at all times now. Think about it: Tiger Woods, Lionel Richie, Michael Jordan. They either got caught slipping by black women, or know they shouldn't try in the first place. But that stuff doesn't just come out of nowhere; every "Waiting to Exhale" story has its origin in some colossal mis-deed. That "Hell hath no fury" didn't just come out of thin air, but if we stay right, it will be alright, right? Perhaps that author needs to spend a little less time hitting "Send", and a little more time thinking about whether she or her man (or both) need a little help to get by.

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