Which is the best Bearman?
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  • Awesomeness - 6 years ago

    Anyone that doesn't vote for "Dark Bearman" as the absolute boss aka best of all the bearman is either a fĂșcking noob or a complete rĂ©tard! I have been playing this game (ftp) since the beginning, I am in the top 100 guardian levels every week without fail......so, I kinda know what I am talking about!
    It's the same thing with this game, once again trolled by the very people you subscribe to on YouTube, and the only reason they will say that the light is best is because they don't want knocking off their pedestal. What I mean by this is that they want to win every week, without fail, so, what is the best and easiest way to achieve this? Misinformation, simple as that!
    I will put my one dark bearman against the whole of "Jewbagels" best 4 man team and I will win every time.....FACT. Admittedly my cheapest rune from the rune shop was 850000 mana, but if you want boss characters, you gotta rune them like gods! Don't waste time with 3 and 4 level, start at 5s and nothing below that, all others sell to buy great ones that show up, in the shop from time to time.......you won'the regret it!

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