Oscar Pistorious sentenced to five years in prison; do you think this is fair?


  • Bonginkosi Buthelezi - 4 years ago

    On this case I feel a lot more is overlooked by the public on his defence. We ignore the fact that he was on a condition that we now glorify; that being of depression. I woke up once and nearly killed my girlfriend who woke me up coming from the closet. From that experience I cannot really say if Pistorius story was guniniun or not. How I experienced it is way more than just being frightened but I nearly killed her. If there was a gun, maybe I would have used it. From that day I decided, from my condition, never to own a weapon. When we talked about it she understood because she never died. If she had died I would be in jail for nearly being sick. I had once met a woman who upon me dreaming I strangled her she never wanted explanations but left calling me a weird person. In real life these things happen but we ignore them, until they menifest into real demonic acts.

    If you know a person with these issues try to seek help for them, before they do something drastic or you become a victim of their loose mind.

  • veekay - 5 years ago

    how many womans had been killed by their man,how many men has been killed by their wifes,let us not judje so we wont be judjed when our term comes,every one deserves second chance lets leave all in the hands of justice

  • Toddy Mthombeni - 8 years ago

    Yes he killed someone but consider the circumstances around the killing, Remember he was tried in a proper court and not a kangaroo court. So respect the judgement.

  • Futhi - 8 years ago

    He killed a human being he's supposed to be sentenced 20 years like any other murderes! Doesn't matter that he's paralysed what matters is that he killed! And he deserve to be sentenced like any other person.

  • soniah - 8 years ago

    alikho iqiniso this guy killed someone, he deserved 15 yrs! !!

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