Should the Chesterfield Planning Commission allow Tucker to stay?


  • Joe - 8 years ago

    we have a potbelly pig similar to Tucker. Also have a dog. Both well behaved pets. But, the dog is far more disruptive than the pig. Haven't heard of any victims of pig bites in a community, can't say the same for dogs.

  • Renee Love - 8 years ago

    Misery is the name of the peoples game who are complaining about sad please address issues that are a real threat to the community of chesterfield. i can name a few and nothing involves a harmless pig name tucker.

  • Timi Martin - 8 years ago

    Wow... isnt anything else to be concerned about other than taking this family through pain?? Tucker is part of there family!!!!!! He isnt bothering ANYONE!

  • Sara Weinsheimer - 8 years ago

    Let tucker stay. This is so stupid. He is a family pet not a livestock. So please let him stay!!!!! Pig are amazing pet and so smart and loving. Even clean!!!

  • Kathy Phillips - 8 years ago

    Let the family keep their pet Tucker !!!
    I have to live beside 5 daschunds they have no licenses .imagine 5 yappy dogs and weren't given a choice. Pigs are very smart ! Let Tucker stay!!!

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