What music do you listen to at work?

Posted 4 years.


  • Rhea Gaur - 3 years ago

    I always felt that listening to music on the earphones distracted me. But when I or a colleague played music at low volume on the computer, it always put me in a better mood at work :)

  • Boab - 4 years ago

    Listening to music is fine as long as no one in your office abuses this privilege by blasting loud music from their earphones and thus subjecting their colleagues to total, utter misery day on end.

  • Sara - 4 years ago

    I prefer to listen to womans groans that helps me concentrate

  • john - 4 years ago

    They dont include rock'n roll as one of the options to choose from but they have dance/ambient?? Ridiculous

  • Robert S - 4 years ago

    I use Ambient and electronica to stimulate my drawing classes. Hardcore and punk for my own artwork as well as heavy labor.

  • keithp - 4 years ago

    Mozart, Bach with some Chopin thrown in time to time.
    I work in a noisy cube farm and it is very difficult to avoid constant distraction.

    Mozart Requiem and Magic Flute are heavenly.... literally...

  • Jay Paul - 4 years ago

    I prefer jazz and world music. I'm a research scientist doing a lot of analyses and writing.

  • J - 4 years ago

    Classical music, especially renaissance music is good for concentration and productivity at work.
    Adult Standards, Big Band (years 1900-1960) work also quite well.

  • Chiefjohnnyeaglefeather - 4 years ago

    Music to solve tricky equations more accurately: http://mixcloud.com/ChiefJohnnyEagleFeather/

  • Joe shmoe - 4 years ago


  • JENKINS - 4 years ago

    pimpin ain't easy

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