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  • Roger watke - 3 years ago

    Mary says to John, “love you John.” Who said, “love you John?” Of course Mary did. What’s the personal pronoun for Mary? The pronoun “I”—-thus the meaning is the same. When you say love you you have have said, I love you.

  • Royal Queen - 3 years ago

    I believe there is a difference in saying "I love you" and "Love you".. I love you to me is saying "You" love me, verses Love you is saying to me its not heartfelt but you care enough to at least throw the word love out there. Like a friendly gesture. But this is just in a romance state when falling for someone and you want to understand and know if they're truly with you.
    From a friendship stand point Love ya is like I care about my friend, I love you is more like Bestie/Family.. Children stand point Love ya is like be careful be safe I'm here for you but thats a natural thing being parents right? I love you is basically said in an unconditional manner for your children. Spouses saying I love you which is obvious they love each other they got Married so when the quick love ya comes its just a way of knowing that hey we still care... Its all said in different tones and manners but still can mean something totally different.. I love you simply means that "I" Love you.. Love ya is just to let u know I care.. My opinion ❤

  • Emmanuel - 5 years ago

    I love you is simply different from 'love you'. Why not just add the 'I' which isn't a big deal to say or write? I love you is deeper than love you. I see 'love you' like 'God bless' . Let's be honest, those aren't complete sentences.

  • Katie - 5 years ago

    My boyfriend has never been "in love" prior to me/our relationship. I know he views "being in love" as a very sacred thing and at the beginning of our relationship he told me he'd only say it if he meant it because he doesn't want to "just throw it around," which I admire. He first told me he loved me by saying all three words. Since then, I do know wholeheartedly whether he says "I love you" or just "love you", his feelings are the same. With all of this being said, I still prefer to hear "I love you." Yes tone and context matters, but something about attaching yourself to the emotion makes it that much more meaningful and powerful, especially when speaking to your significant other. Personally I say "love you/love you too" to my mom and dad, but I always try to add the "I" when talking to him.

  • Belicia Weber - 6 years ago

    I think there is a difference. I say "love you" to my friends. Because I do love them, but not in the way I love my boyfriend that I plan on spending my life with. And she. He says "love you" it makes me feel bad because its lazy and makes me feel like him telling me how he feels is too much to say it right. But that's just my opinion. Personally "I love you" means everything and "love you" or "love u" or "luv u" means nothing.

  • Kdoug - 7 years ago

    I feel "love u" opposed to "i love u" isnt much of a difference or determines whether or not if ur significant other really loves u. Its all in the tone and the bond. If u two are solid leaving out the "I" wont make a difference but it will if there are any insecurities within yourself or ur relationship.

  • shane - 7 years ago

    when my boyfriend says " i love you " i feel like i love him and i do but with my other bf they all said "love you" and so they didnt really love me but i can tell this one dose i cant explane how i know but its a bond we have with each other and i know he really loves me.

  • Michele Johnson - 8 years ago

    My boyfriend and me have been dating for 3 yrs now before he said "love you " . I do tell him both "I love you " and sometimes "love you ". I do love him very much and he was hurt bad by he's ex-wife so I know he cares and loves me that when he says "love you " I take it as "I love you ". Even though a part of me would like to hear "I love you " sometimes.

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