What should US do about WTO COOL ruling?

  • Jim R - 8 years ago

    Consumers deserve to know where their product comes from. Consumers want, need and deserve the right choose. Consumers should be given the right to choose, NOT the WTO!!

  • MikeS. - 8 years ago

    The Canadians and Mexicans filed suit on the wrong party and the biased WTO didn't even recognize the problem. The WTO ruling is biased without question if you research who the "three member panel" was that served and if they had conflict of interest in the case. It was not our USA passed Country of Origin Labeling Law that caused their issue with their prices. It was the multi national meat packers lack of competition abroad. The buyers/packers chose to not pay more for their cattle because without competition they can do that and as a corporation they are in it for the stockholders not the industry's best interest. Find and show me in the law where it tells the packers to pay less value for like product or kind on any imported products. Wrongful filing and thereby the case filed was in error and closed!

    Remember even today that the USA passed COOL law in three previous legal challenges in U.S. courts the law stood and SPANKED hard the American Meat Institute and the NCBA for challenging the validity of the law. These cases were heard by "several" USA judges" each time who served on the appeal panel. Now AMI/NCBA are challenging in another case the same law? Most don't keep going back and back to win in legal cases why do they?? CORRUPTION and biased PACKER INFLUENCE!

  • Mike - 8 years ago

    Remember when we lost our export market due to a Canadian cow with BSE in 2003. Canada the country with BSE regained exports before we did because they labeled. They labeled long before the USA, screw them.

  • Bonnie - 8 years ago

    The poll didn't offer the option I wanted: "Ignore the WTO. They have no power over us. We are a sovereign country."

  • Bryan Irvin - 8 years ago

    Americans deserve the right of freedom of choice of where they buy their food from

  • Kevin Koester - 8 years ago

    we don't need foreign interests telling us that our legally passed laws are illegal.

  • Chad scott - 8 years ago

    As a consumer I want to know where my food comes from

  • Mary Ann Murray - 8 years ago

    After the decision is looked at, I think it should be appealed or USDA should amend it to come into compliance with the findings of WTO.

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