Do you think the mayor's meeting could help curb violence in Newark?

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  • A shaver - 5 years ago

    I agree, this sounds like a very worthwhile plan.

  • Kevin S Bryant - 5 years ago

    I was a sub in Newark for several years, at the time when gangs were just starting to infiltrate the grammar schools. I've came to realize that, if you give the kids other means of expressing their frustrations, you can reach and teach them ways to interact with each other. Showing them that you will listen to them and spending time with them, such as, I used to sit with them and have my lunch, and then organize activities for them during the courtyard time. I taught them how to respect each other's space; for example the girl's jumped rope and the guys played football and basketball, Where I was the referee, for all activities at the same time. This wasn't an appointment position, but i made it my business to show them how peace is kept, without them realizing they were learning an important lesson. Some teachers rejected some of my tactics, like a light pop in the back of the head of a known "trouble maker" , but what they didn't understand is that I see these students outside of school.I would go to the Bradley Court Library and help with homework, see them in the local stores, sometimes buy them a bag of chips, and if they were a problem in class, I would be on their porch with their parent or parents waiting for them. Word travels fast with the kids. I gave them something that is not taught to teachers in college. Especially if they go home after schools over and don't live in the environment in which they teach. To sum up my thoughts on the mayor's actions, thumbs up,we have to start somewhere. ...

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