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2014 Week 8 Player of the Week (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 12,701

  • SMS - 8 years ago

    And on the eighth day, God made Hunter Bedgood

  • Somebody I used to know. - 8 years ago

    Hunter bedgood saved me from chocking on an apple.

  • Jacque Crew - 8 years ago

    Watching you play football in second grade I knew you would be great! Way to go Hunter!!

  • Tiger - 8 years ago

    Anyone from Calvary who doesn't like Shea is a jealous soul. Bottom line! Maybe you'll get half of his talents in the next life!!! Go Shea!!! The most deserving of this award!!!! #1

  • Trevor - 8 years ago


    GO SHEA!

  • Ally Wilson - 8 years ago

    Love hunter. He does so well when he plays football

  • Ally Peterson - 8 years ago

    5 Touchdowns in the first quarter?! C'mon.. I think we know who the real winner is! #FiveStarSheaPatterson

  • Runner - 8 years ago

    Hunter totally deserves this award. He has really proven himself worthy. He has done so many amazing thing on the football field. I hope he wins.

  • Missy Parker - 8 years ago

    All of the hard work and great character shows in this fine young man. Great role model for kids!

  • SMSTIGERS - 8 years ago

    Hunter bedgood is a great person and player! also best Spanish teacher ever!!

  • Jackie Jones - 8 years ago

    I'm so very proud of this young Lion!! Great spirit, determination, dedication, and will power!! Way to go, Josh!!

  • FootballLife - 8 years ago

    Mark Ingram is from New Jersey and Alabama. Just happens to be a saint.

  • #42 fan - 8 years ago

    Hunter is the real deal! He is the definition of a student athlete. No one works harder on or off the field. In the weight room and in the classroom. He has the biggest heart to win on both. He is as humble as anyone you will meet. And he knows it takes the whole team to win on Friday nights! Geaux HB!!!

  • chyna - 8 years ago

    HunterB for president!

  • Brandon carter - 8 years ago

    Get it boy

  • Will derrick - 8 years ago

    Go hunter! I'm from calvary and I don't like shea

  • Hunter B. On the M-I-C lover - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood helped my grandma cross the street. #MyFutureFCAhuddleLeader

  • E Dub - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood saved my life.

  • Shelby Clifton - 8 years ago

    Goooooooo Hunky Dunky! Love you baby! You definitely deserve this! #42 on the field #1 in my heart :)

  • Sadie Simmons - 8 years ago

    1,2,3.... HUNTER B

  • All of St. Mary's - 8 years ago

    1 2 3... Hunter B

  • A$AP Gary - 8 years ago

    Hunter B. Is the best running back to pass through Louisiana since Mark Ingram

  • Jana Lucky - 8 years ago

    Hunter is a great kid on and off the field. He is a straight A student that demands the best from himself and his team mates. He's is the definition of a leader!

  • RJW - 8 years ago

    You play Football with sticks, right?

  • Erika Cross - 8 years ago

    Awesome Person 1st, Awesome Player 2nd

  • Niki washington - 8 years ago

    Josh Horton, a fine young man and football player who motivates his teammates at all times. Geaux Josh!

  • Lester Irvin - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood is not only a great athlete but also a respectful,well- mannered young man.He is very deserving of this award.

  • Kalen Hillen - 8 years ago


  • Anne Stevens - 8 years ago

    Hunter is not only a great athlete; he is a great student!

  • joshua williams - 8 years ago

    Joshua Horton get the job done

  • Deondre - 8 years ago

    My boy josh gunna get dis for his hood. Hungry fo success

  • William Gill - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood is a hunk too

  • Aaron Lewis - 8 years ago

    Go lions

  • Thomas Scruggs - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood is my role model. #lovehim #tractor #ballislife

  • OneMindSet - 8 years ago

    Shea P. Is a great leader on and off the field ! #OneMindSet

  • dj alexander - 8 years ago

    Ion get tied
    Shea patt

  • Gary Football - 8 years ago

    Hunter B. Is the best white athlete since Michael phelps.

  • Keator Poleman - 8 years ago

    1,2,3 Hunter B

  • Deanna Hickman - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood excels academically as well. He has never given less than 110% on the field, no matter who they were playing.

  • Slailey - 8 years ago

    You know who this is... We love you... Take it home #42..

  • Slailey - 8 years ago

    You know who it is hunter... We love you... Take it home #42

  • Slade - 8 years ago

    Woo!!! I love you hunter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jana Lucky - 8 years ago

    Hunter plays with more heart than anyone playing the game!!!

  • brea - 8 years ago

    Josh Horton is such a good player I think this is a new chapter I. His life

  • RD - 8 years ago

    Congratulations Josh!!!

  • Devan - 8 years ago


  • Anjerica Lensey - 8 years ago

    Josh horton is the best player everrr

  • Kecia Dennis - 8 years ago

    Josh Horton is a solid QB with an amazing amount of athleticism. Let's go Josh!

  • Joe Adger - 8 years ago


  • Kristi Murray - 8 years ago

    Hunter is a very talented athlete!!

  • sms - 8 years ago

    Hunter should win. He so deserves it. GO HUNTER BEDGOOD.

  • Kim Goodwin - 8 years ago

    Amazing player!! Tough as nails! Go Hunter!!

  • Chris Salim - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood - TOUGH AS NAILS!!! Goodluck man!!

  • Travis Rivera - 8 years ago

    You got my Vote Shea!!!!!!!!!

  • Joy Bonner - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood a great football player asset to the team Yes !!!! deserves to win !!!

  • Nick Bachono - 8 years ago

    Shea Patterson. Has an army of australian fans

  • Joy Bonner - 8 years ago

    Hunter B. that's the one...a big big asset to the Tiger team..outstanding young man !!!!!

  • Kelly King - 8 years ago

    Way to go Shea!!!!

  • Rex Taylor - 8 years ago


  • Linda Brown - 8 years ago

    Goooooo Shea!!!!

  • Mermer Tate - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood is the one!

  • SMS Principal - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood has also been awarded honors for the All-Academic Composite Team - along with classmates Tyler McCain, Tyler Ward and Joseph Thibodaux. GO 4.0 TIGERS!!

  • Tammy Metoyer - 8 years ago

    Wonderful young man! We've enjoyed watching him play for years. Go, Hunter!

  • Lexi levin - 8 years ago

    GO SHEA!

  • Shelby Bishop - 8 years ago


  • Sharon Leone - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood is an awesome student and football player!

  • Beebe Martin - 8 years ago

    Keep it up B

  • Kacie Patterson - 8 years ago

    Go sheaman!! Hardest working kid I know... A little biased but he's the man!!!! #sheamanpatt

  • Andrea Garcia - 8 years ago

    Get it Shea :)

  • Darrell Hickman - 8 years ago

    Aside from being a great football player, he is an outstanding young man.

  • Rennie Clifton - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood surpassed 1000 yards rushing for the season in Logansport game Friday !

  • Cory Clifton - 8 years ago

    Hunter Bedgood..very deserving..surpasses 1000 yrds rushing on the season in 8 games with his Logansport effort.

  • Jake Bankston - 8 years ago

    Hunter stepped his game up on Friday Night, giving the Tigers an easy win.

  • Cody Woodard - 8 years ago

    Ahhhh, that's my boy!! #HunterB

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