Do you use the camera on your phone for ‘proper’ photography? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes, I’ve taken some images that I’m proud of using my camera phone
    116 votes

  • Sometimes, though I’ve never taken anything decent on a camera phone
    20 votes

  • No, I use my phone for snaps, but I save proper photography for my camera
    202 votes

  • No, I don’t use the camera on my mobile phone at all
    99 votes

  • No, I don’t own a camera phone
    62 votes


Posted 5 years.

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  • P Luckett - 5 years ago

    My Nokia Lumia 820 with its Carl Zeiss lens produces results equal to both my Fuji HS50 EXR & my Sony 550a when projected by my camera club with their new kit on their large high quality widescreen. The camera that's with you is the important one & my phone is always with me. It's a shame that judging by your poll so few photographers make use of theirs. They are missing out!

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