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  • Linda - 7 years ago

    I hate all types of bugs. The ones that terrify me the most are centipedes, spiders, earwigs and wasps. I will get a swatter try to hit them and run. I'm terrified and freak out. Every one of my family members has allergies to bees, and some carry around the kit during the summer. I'm sure I am also, but have never been stung to find out. I just run when I see them and don't stick around to let them land on me. I absolutely go nuts if they buzz around my head.

  • Laura - 7 years ago

    Very little actually scares me. I figure God's got my back against the supernatural, crazy, violent people in real life would scare me, but I am prepared for most run of the mill threats. But anything that you aren't expecting that startles me, that will make me jump and potentially yip!

  • Barbara Lee - 7 years ago

    What a fun contest!!!This is my first time receiving the Coffee House Newsletter. Clowns are my big creep out. I can watch any scary movie unless is has clowns in it.

  • Shelly - 7 years ago

    My big screams have come from scale covered fish. They creep me out. I can look at them but don't get to close or I scream like a little girl. I loved the option on the survey for an irs audit to make you scream. Screaming may be cleansing but laughing it healing.

  • Jane - 7 years ago

    I am a true wimp! I do not like anything scary or spooky in any way and most definitely did not like those hair raising rides. Have been that way my whole 72 years and am not afraid to admit it. lol But I do love a good mystery and your series with Clare and the Coffee House and NYC pleases me to no end. I look forward to reading the new one. Thanks so much

  • Laurie Gommermann - 7 years ago

    I added sharks. I will not swim in the ocean.
    Scary movies PHYSCO I couldn't stop screaming after he (Bates) turned his mother's chair around.

  • Heather S - 7 years ago

    Ghosts and haunted places, some of the scariest places that can make me scream. "Coffeehouse Newsletter"

  • Carolyn - 7 years ago

    Love roller coasters but that first drop always gets a scream out of me!

  • Ana - 7 years ago

    Bugs and tiny crawlies are enough to make you scream. The thought that something can crawl up your leg or on your arms is unnerving!

  • Heather - 7 years ago

    I love all of your coffee house books. I love most mysteries that have food recipes in them. I can never wait for the next book by any of my favorite authors. Yours is on top because I love coffee and coffee flavored items.

  • Carol B - 7 years ago

    Love your "Coffeehouse Newsletter" and credit card bills make me scream as well as babysitting kids during a full moon and roller coasters. However, I love your mysteries and am waiting eagerly for the next Haunted Book Store mystery.
    Carol B

  • Kimberly Finn - 7 years ago

    I LOVE horror movies! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for it's Irish roots and the wonderful costumes that come through our neighborhood each year. I also love roller coasters, the faster the better! However, I am afraid of heights and going backwards on anything makes me really sick. Go figure!

  • Cleo Coyle - 7 years ago

    Just me (Cleo Coyle) jumping in to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments. Marc and I have been reading them all week (and all day today). It's a scream to see what makes you scream! Good luck in our contest, everyone...and there is still time to enter. So feel free to leave more comments after mine.

    Happy Halloween Weekend, Everyone!

    ~ Cleo

  • Tina - 7 years ago

    I love your coffeehouse newsletter! I have purchased all your books in this series so far! Clare is such an interesting character and Matt is such a funny character described as a ladies man to the tee! Madame is fascinating! I love the coffeehouse books and would love to win the new one to be able to start reading it now! Roller coasters make me scream! We also love the roller coasters at Kennywood! We were just there in August! The recipes are scrumptious in the books! I hope you keep writing them for a long time!

  • Eleanor Tollet - 7 years ago

    Finishing a good book (like the Coffeehouse series) is always emotional, but the Coffeehouse Newsletter helps fill the void.

  • Frances - 7 years ago

    Really don't scream much as I stay away from those things that would make me scream!!

  • Lin Casteel-Butler - 7 years ago

    Snakes TERRIFY me, roller coasters...when I was younger stuck at the top of ferris wheel for four hours over water, so roller coasters remind me of this time. My mother chopped a snake that was crawling into my baby pool when I was about 6, so I cannot stand anything about them. But reading Coffeehouse Newsletter and each of Cleo's books always calms me down. The recipes are to die for....not literally!

  • Sydney - 7 years ago

    Oh my... and here comes the wet blanket.... I don't scream anymore. I lived through the death of my husband and survived. I know I can handle anything..... well... maybe except spiders!!

  • Elisea - 7 years ago

    Definitely the IRS audit.My hubster is self employed.I so enjoy all of your books!

  • Liz Stamp - 7 years ago

    In your Coffee House Newsletter, you asked us to take the poll on what makes you scream. Rollercoasters are definitely tops on the list. I generally have enough sense to avoid them, but have been talked into riding them a few times. Eek! Snakes are a close second though. I'll never forget being at a woodsy beach with my family once when I was about 10. As we were leaving, Mom realized she'd forgotten her shoes so I offered to go back for them. As I picked them up, out slithered a snake! Boy did I scream! Dad came running back & then laughed & assured me that it was just a harmless garter snake & I probably scared it more than it did me. I really didn't care - it was a snake & I was waaay to close to it.

  • Kittie - 7 years ago

    I turn into a killer when I see a stink bug or a spider but I am perfectly comfortable handling a non poisonous snake. Haven't screamed on the Jack Rabbit since I was 50.

  • Marla Ford - 7 years ago

    I really enjoy your Coffeehouse Newsletter - very colorful and lots of good recipes. P.S. sometimes my husband makes me want to scream.

  • Wendi Gabrielson - 7 years ago

    Elections with all the hate ads and phone calls make me scream! I wish the politicians would stop bashing each other and just tell me what their goals in office are. AND quit calling my cell phone!!

  • Teresa Cross - 7 years ago

    I love looking foreward to reading the Coffeehouse Newsletter every month! I look forward to reading he novels as well! One other thing that scares me is when my son likes to quietly come up behind me and I don't hear him!

  • Loretta Sullivan - 7 years ago

    Anything that sneaks up on me! When I think I'm alone and someone speaks to me or a shadow (like a mouse running across the floor) moves suddenly into my line of vision - I usual scream.

  • Jane Franklin - 7 years ago

    Snakes and IRS audits are the worst. I think all IRS agents are snakes, so that is a double whammy (or scream)!! But reading my coffeehouse newsletter always calms me down. ♡

  • Patricia Ridenour - 7 years ago

    Thanks for maintaining the Coffeehouse Newsletters! I added an item to the poll -- if somebody, intentionally or not, comes up behind me and I don't know it until they are there, it scares me enough that I scream.

  • MJ Soliz - 7 years ago

    I scream with joy when I see so many yummy recipes I want to try in the Coffeehouse Newsletter! The terrified screams come from haunted houses, No thank you!

  • Barbara - 7 years ago

    I love screaming on roller coasters. It feels so good that it is a mix of screaming and laughing. You feel so relaxed afterward. Just like laughter I think it is good for your health! I just love these coffeehouse newsletters. They are always so much fun and full of recipes too! What more could you ask for! Can't wait until the next one!! Thank you for the wonderful books you write and the entertaining newsletter that keeps us entertained until your next book.

  • Barbara - 7 years ago

    I scream at mice and rats and may pee my pants :). However the coffehouse newsletter can make me forget all my fears. But then when the newsletter Ijust my mail I can scream with glee. I scream when the recipes turn out great

  • mary tracy - 7 years ago

    Many years ago...MANY...I saw a movie when I was a kid.....Dr X..starred Humphrey Bogart...must have been an early film. He played a very creepy person..and he had a pale, white face. I can still see that image. For many nights after, my dad had to check the closet for me.
    ( my closet does give me a fright now and then..LOL)

  • Autumn Trapani - 7 years ago

    Spiders make me scream, especially when one crawls across my computer keyboard while I'm reading the Coffeehouse Mystery newsletter.

  • Noreen - 7 years ago

    When I'm reading the coffee house mystery newsletter and my husband is talking to me, that makes me want to scream!

  • Louann Wilson Pfister - 7 years ago

    RoLLeR CoAsTeRs are FUN! Screaming when you are having fun is something we all pretty much learned as children : )

  • Alison B - 7 years ago

    Anything rodent - rats, mouse etc. I scream like a girl - guess that is because I am a girl!

  • Marie-Louise Molloy - 7 years ago

    I could probably survive the snakes but when bills arrive or closets doors open,I hold my breathe and pray to the goddesses, just reminding them I am too young for heart attack!

  • Jennifer - 7 years ago

    Sometimes life makes me want to scream. Spiders, bugs and snakes always make me scream. Coffeehouse newsletter is awesome.

  • MaryEllen - 7 years ago

    Snakes are so creepy and silent they scare the crap out of me.

  • Lynda Sue - 7 years ago

    WATERBUGS!! By any other name, they are still ROACHES. The females fly and if there is one within a mile of me; they find me! They are hard bodied and when they hit you in the forehead, they will make anyone scream, but especially ME!! Especially at night, in the dark as you are walking down the hall to your bedroom. Wakes up the whole house and any close neighbors when you scream .

  • Rosemary - 7 years ago

    Someone sneaking up on me when I don't hear them! "Coffeehouse Newsletter" is the best!

  • Margaret F. Johnson - 7 years ago

    Roller coasters for sure, When I am busy concentrating on something, my husband or friend walks in the room, unnoticed by me and says, "Boo". Your Irish Cream Fudge is my go to Christmas treat--it is awesome and of course, your books--LOVE THEM.

  • Charlotte - 7 years ago

    Roller Coasters and Snaks does it for me.
    Love reading your Coffeehouse Newslettero.

  • LAB - 7 years ago

    Being alone in total darkness and not knowing what is there with me that can get me...

  • Susie F - 7 years ago

    Snakes, I hate them. I scream the most when people sneak up on me from behind.

  • Wendy - 7 years ago

    Walking in tall grass and hearing that tell-tale rattle sound definitely is scream-worthy. Thank-you for the great recipes in the Coffeehouse Newsletter.

  • Pamela Richard - 7 years ago

    All bugs small or large make me scream! They always have since I was very little. The Coffeehouse Newsletter doesn't make me scream it makes me very happy!

  • E Winn - 7 years ago

    Omg clowns are the creepiest! But my poor overstuffed closet runs a really close second!!

  • Marilyn S. - 7 years ago

    This Coffee House Newsletter makes me scream with joy for the good recipes! In the scarey scream category, snakes is #1 but my overflowing-with-boxes-of-junk-I'll-never-need basement is a close second!

  • Diana Goodell - 7 years ago

    Snakes are a thing to scream about. They slither and just plain give me the creeps. I hated when my boys would bring snakes in to the house to show me. They were harmless garden snakes, but I absolutely
    couldn't handle it and of they thought it was funny.

  • irene - 7 years ago

    Scary movies make jump and especially when you are anticipating something scary to happe
    Secret prize

  • Maria - 7 years ago

    Occasionally I have nightmares where I wake up and I'm screaming. The terror I feel is overwhelming! Back to the Coffeehouse Newsletter and forwarding the pumpkin cupcakes to my niece Michelle (pastry chef)

  • Pam - 7 years ago

    Finding a "stick" on my kitchen floor, a stick that started to move as I watched, turning me into a screaming mess. Having to deal with it before it slithered someplce where I couldn't see it was even worse. I have goosebumps just thinking of it. Back to the Coffeehouse Newsletter.

  • Janet - 7 years ago

    Apparently I am not a screamer. The urge to scream has never happened and yes, I have come upon bugs, snakes, and other creepy things. I can not imagine any situation that would require or be helped by a scream.

  • Amanda B - 7 years ago

    I'm scared of creepy crawlies in my basement. Also I'm scared of dirty diapers!! :) I adore your books, it's my favorite mystery series and I look forward to your "Coffeehouse Newsletter" :) Thanks for all you do!

  • Rebecca - 7 years ago

    Spiders, for sure - every time!

  • Gail - 7 years ago

    Finding a scorpion in our house really brings out my scream. Living in the desert has its disadvantages!

  • Linda - 7 years ago

    It was difficult to choose just THREE because most of these things make me scream!

  • Larry - 7 years ago

    On a cold, dark, rainy or snowy night watch the original "The Thing " with the lights off. Wohoo!

  • Karlene Paffhouse - 7 years ago

    I do scream when I see mice. I also scream or cheer at sporting events. Really enjoy reading your books and coffeehouse newsletter.

  • Tina Bott - 7 years ago

    Upside-down roller coasters are the worst! I think screaming helps give you something to do, although I have to keep my eye shut! Mice are a close second....especially when my cat gets a hold of one in the middle of the night and wants to share. Thanks for sharing this poll in the Coffeehouse Newsletter!

  • Susan Stokes - 7 years ago

    Definitely "Serial Killer Books&Movies!!! Your Coffeehouse Newsletter is like reading a Book... Thanks for All The Great Recipes....

  • theresa - 7 years ago

    when i was in high school, my aunt and cousin stated we were going to a new restaurant, It was the week of Halloween, so I thought what a nice treat. They both love scary places movies, etc, so we walked into this building in Philadelphia and it was slightly dark, and my cousin told me its for ambiance , and out comes a a headless man and woman dripping in blood and i just screamed and could not open the door and I do believe my jeans were soaked by the end of the tour of this historical prison in Phila.

  • Mary Ann - 7 years ago

    Mice!!! Well-done, Coffeehouse Newsletter.

  • Betsy Wallwork - 7 years ago

    I would add mice to your screaming poll, though they aren't on my list. I love to scream on roller coasters. I think if you don't, you risk your head exploding! Love getting your Coffeehouse Newsletter. It gives me a little glimpse into the life of the folks who write one of my favorite mystery series.

  • Joy Deardorff - 7 years ago

    Snakes make me scream and shudder!
    But thank goodness the Coffeehouse Newsletter shared everyone's choices!

  • Edie Dykeman - 7 years ago

    The first three on your list are the scariest to me although when someone comes up behind me and says "boo" and I didn't know they were there, I do jump and gasp.

    I liked the video of the roller coaster although I don't enjoy riding them in real life.

  • Alex Van Schuylen - 7 years ago

    Since I try to read all of your blogs and your great Coffehouse Newsletter, It thought it would be fun to have a go at this! What really and truly scares me is when I am walking down the street -- be it day or night -- and I see shadow people out of the corner our me eye...or when I pass a department store window and could swear. the MANNEQUINS are truly alive and moving!!!

  • Jennifer Aschmann - 7 years ago

    I hate zombies; I cannot even see a zombie commercial without having nightmares; zombies definitely make me scream!

  • Claudia Muncy - 7 years ago

    How about applying for a mortgage? I scream every day when the underwriters ask for another document I have to find!


  • Jessica Bone - 7 years ago

    I am not scared of most things but movies that involve Satan, possession, or demons and I get the chills. I really do not like them at all.

  • Victoria - 7 years ago

    I have a write-in. I scream when I see the scale!

  • Michelle - 7 years ago

    My basement makes me scream in frustration, rather than fear

  • whit - 7 years ago


  • Dawn - 7 years ago

    Scary Movies make me scream the most!

  • Toni Nyman - 7 years ago

    Ferris Wheels are the worst. I am totally afraid of heights and those things are just hanging there.

  • Maryellen Essig - 7 years ago

    Roller coasters. AND my mechanic. I didn't see that one in the list.

  • Sue C - 7 years ago

    Any one in costume that I can't tell who it is will freak me out.

  • Linda Kuzminczuk - 7 years ago

    Spiders absolutely make me freak - I will freeze and if my husband is not home, it takes me forever and every ounce of strength I have to try to kill it. Even the little ones! I watched the movie Arachnaphobia through my fingers for the whole film - the popcorn scene really creeped me out.

  • Barb Wiesmann - 7 years ago

    I thought I heard a scratching at my front door in the middle of a frigid winter night. I imagined a small furry creature trying to get out of the bitter cold. I opened the front door, looking down at the deck and saw A GIANT PAIR OF SHOES! It was a neighbor who had gotten locked out, but I didn't stop screaming for 2 or 3 minutes.

  • Patricia Castro - 7 years ago

    Is there anything scarier than The Exorcist?!?!

  • Roberta Corbett - 7 years ago

    I'm not a fan of spiders and bugs but roller coasters get me everytime.

  • Darlene - 7 years ago

    I have always hated to ride on roller coasters since I was little. Ghosts and haunted places do creep me out and make me scream

  • Taryn Lee - 7 years ago

    Frogs and lizards have always been a big fear for me. I'm not sure why but lets just say if one got on me I would freak out. That's if I didn't pass out first.

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