Does a cesarean delivery increase the risk of maternal complications?


  • Regina Cid - 3 years ago

    Caesarean per se will be riskier: however, it will depend on the case, if it is a high-risk pregnancy, fetus abnormal position, etc.

  • Robert L Brooks - 5 years ago

    You are correct. However, what people forget is the fact that subsequent pregnancies are also significantly impacted. You not only have the increased risk of another cesarean or a VBAC, but the increased risks of Previas, etc.

  • Ofoedu ifeanyi - 6 years ago

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  • Elizabeth Ekanem - 8 years ago

    Caesarean section increases risk of the following
    1- Massive Heamorrhage
    2- Bladder injury
    3- sepsis
    4- delay in breastfeeding / bonding
    5- Negative birth experience for some women.

  • s p bansal - 8 years ago

    Good question

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