SPEAK UP: Should Common Core be repealed without new standards in place? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Does the safety of the Walkway elevator concern you? 81 Yes, 64 No

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  • Marsha - 5 years ago

    Most people have not read the common core. Parents have been asking for a more rigorous curriculum. Here it is, The Common Core. The business community has been asking for students who are prepared to think, solve problems, and who are able to write. Well, here it is, The Common Core.

    Water it down and your work place and business environment will be dominated by those who have chosen to meet the demands of The Common Core.

    In math, gone are the days of simple addition and subtraction. Solve the problem and defend your answer. Multiple choice answers are no longer acceptable.

    Why is it that public school parents are objecting to The Common Core? What do you think Catholic Schools and private schools teach? The Common Core. That is what parents of private and Catholic school children pay for; The Common Core.

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