Would you visit a tiger park? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    144 votes

  • Yes, but I wouldn't pose with the animals
    96 votes

  • No
    1,359 votes


Posted 4 years.


  • Karie - 4 years ago

    it is with much shame and embarrassment that I admit going to a "Safari park" in Wisconsin Dells and posed for a pic of a tiger cub with my 8 year old for a photo (1st and last time). I honestly thought all parks of this nature were mandated to provide ethical/appropriate care for wild animals. I thought they all operated under the same legal and ethical laws-I thought they were all like sanctuaries. Thank you for the education-please continue to advocate for those helpless victims!

  • Maria - 4 years ago

    By having these beautiful creatures exposed to humans just about 24/7 is like sticking a candy in front of a kid and telling them they can't have it, it is taunting the poor animal

  • Diane Johnson - 4 years ago

    Tigers do not belong in a park or in cages or zoos. They belong in the wild in their native country where they can be free. Would you like to be kept prisoner?

  • laura - 4 years ago

    I would never visit one of these type of parks, total exploitation of the animals, no privacy and no room to move around. I do believe in Sanctuaries and Zoos whereby they have ample room, privacy and are given lots of enrichment and are being housed here because they have been rescued from people keeping them as pets and are not able to go back into the wild or are being cared for conservation purposes. Man has destroyed their natural habitat for the most part and the wild tiger population is in real danger of extinction.

  • Bev Larson - 4 years ago

    Posing with tigers? Wrong, wrong, wrong! Close those exploitive parks!

  • Ann Yac - 4 years ago

    this is so wrong! Stop exploiting these animals. Send them to a proper sanctuary. Give them a real life. This is just SICK!

  • Ann-Kristine Jakobsen - 4 years ago

    I whould never visit a tigerpark, tigers belong in the wild.All wild animals do!!!

  • Kirsty Johnston - 4 years ago

    It depends on the individual park, I am opposed to this type of park were the animals are forced to be in the public eye, forced to interact with tourists and forced to live in small enclosures. However I have been to Safari parks and zoos were seeing the animals is not a definate. As they have space to move away from the public eye and habitat hides they can go into when they choose to. Yes animals are better off in their wild habitats but until the human race stops destroying it and conserves it their is not enough natural habitat to go round.

  • Marsha Pache - 4 years ago

    NO!!! I would never visit a tiger park!

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