Which of Diana Gabaldon's books are you currently reading or listening to? (Poll Closed)
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    • Jude - 6 years ago

      Actually, I am re-reading Voyager (for the 4th time) with backtracking to Outlander, reading another Scottish historical fiction and re-watching the STARZ episodes 1-8.

    • Tari Herron - 6 years ago

      I am listening to Davina Porter read Outlander. It is my first audio book! I have actually read Books #1 -7 about 8x since Outlander first came out! Wanted to get the audio version of them so I could actually hear the words (with a Scottish accent) of the story! Ms. Porter is magnificent in her reading of the book. Bought DIA and Voyager at the same time. Now will have something to keep me busy while waiting for April to come! Hope to get the rest of the books on audio asap so I will have them lined up! To DG, thanks so much for these marvolous books! They are just simply incredible! My favorite reads of all time. To the cast: you are each magnificent! The ones doing the casting sure picked the right person for each of the parts! I love the series and when or if the series comes out in DVD's, I will be sure to get them right away! Have a great break and looking forward to April 2015! Blessings to all!

    • Anne Holmes - 6 years ago

      Have read all the books, and am rereading them..currently Drums of Autumn. Have seen the Starz series also, and absolutely loved it. Have seen all episodes at least 3 times, and am counting the days till it resumes in April. I only hope I live long enough to read the last one (I assume), and see them all on Starz!!!!

    • susie cross - 6 years ago

      I am rereading an echo in the bone right now. I have read all books at least 4 times with the exception of Written in my own hearts blood. I have them all on my kindle which is great because Kindle has an option where you can highlight the word you are reading and it pulls up the dictionary and Wikipedia and give the meaning of the word. Also, I have all copies autographed in which I wont read those. I am saving them for my grandkids. Thanks Diana for the entertainment.

    • Frances - 6 years ago

      I reread everything in timeline order just before MOBY came out. That was a fun way to do it. Planning to wait until March to read Dragonfly again

    • Jodie Jacobson - 6 years ago

      I am a mail carrier, I listen to audio while delivering mail. I found OUTLANDER about 6 years ago. I have read all at least 3 times now. Unfortunately im still waiting for MOBY, our library only has 3. I have begged my family and friends to read this series since I started them. Everyone who reads them love them. Thank you Diana.....

    • Roberta - 6 years ago

      i was not familiar with this series of books & I read a lot, I thought. So when Outlander began on Starz I went right out and purchased the first book, then I read the companion, now reading Dragonfly in Amber. I am enjoying everything I am reading & have shared my enthusiasm with my friends/family.

    • Karen Legee - 6 years ago

      I'm re-reading the series and enjoying them just as much as before. Currently, I'm reading Dragonfly in Amber.

    • Kat - 6 years ago

      i am re-reading the Outlander series. Currently on bk 5 - Fiery Cross. Am going to try the Lord John series as well pretty soon.

    • Patsy Lovejoy - 6 years ago

      I discovered this story....on the STARZ.....presentation. I decided to start reading the books.
      What is so very interesting...I went back on my genealogy charts I have. Starting with my Dad's 2xgreat grandfather "Frizzell"....which I have discovered is the name that James and William Frazer took when moving to the United States....to protect families still living in Brittian (1652 or thereabouts)...........this has sparked a deep interest in all of these stories by Diana....My new journey :)

    • Helen - 6 years ago

      I am re-reading and re-listening to ABOSAA for a Trivia Contest Dec 5-7. This is a DG event to be held in Iowa. The winning Team gets to eat supper with DG. Yea, let it be my Team. We are one short - any takers?

    • Gayle Macleod - 6 years ago

      I am rereading Outlander and Listening to Drums of Autumn while I knit

    • Bridgette S Walker - 6 years ago

      Have read the books over the last few years. Now listening on audible and I have it on dvr so I can rewatch episodes. It is all so wonderful! Davina Porter nails it on audible and the actors in the STARZ series are spot-on! Great stories should always be told over and over again.

    • julie cayer - 6 years ago

      Re reading all of the books

    • Marylou Richardson - 6 years ago

      have read all 8 books twice, am reading DiA for the third time!! Can't get enough!

    • Claudia Martinez - 6 years ago

      Have been reading the books as they come out, since 1992. I recently discovered the joys of the audio and after listening to the Scottish Prisoner (which was so well done), I just finished Outlander. Davina Porter, in addition to being Jamie's grandmother (see the genealogical charts) is perfect.

    • Cindy - 6 years ago

      Echo ... again ...

    • Stephanie J DeMarco - 6 years ago

      Read all the books but A Trial of Fire ..Can't find this in the Shop in my nook..Can I get a summary...

    • Toni Blide - 6 years ago

      Re-reading book 4, and savoring Book 1 for the third time....

    • Amy - 6 years ago

      I am listening to Drums of Autumn on Audible. Though I have read al the books, some more than once, I find listening to Davina Porter my absoulte favorite medium for absorbing the story.

    • Judy Gavin McLaughlin - 6 years ago

      Almost done with Dragonfly in Amber.. off to the bookstore to get Voyager this morning. I'm hooked!

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