Which is the best Sylph?

  • Darek - 6 years ago

    That's true, Aschubel is underrated here.. he's the true ToA King thanks to his 3rd skill and also he is better ATB reducer than Baretta.

  • Shaggy - 6 years ago

    Light with Despair.

  • Chicken - 6 years ago

    People do choose the ones they have, but light in my opinion is the best for CC, every sylph has its spec, some are similar to others, like light and water, fire and dark and so on, i have a fire sylph right now with fatal and blade, i may change it some time, idk but i want a water one ;-;

  • Karl - 7 years ago

    This poll is not fair because the Dark Sylph is widely agreed to be one of (if not THE) best Sylph, however it receives the lowest rank for unbalancing reasons 2 reasons:
    People will only vote for attributes that they have, and because light and dark attributes are less common, they get voted less (but this is the same however for all monsters here).
    The Light Sylph was a heroic dungeon monster this year, therefore, many more people will have the light than the dark Sylph.
    Don't get me wrong, the light Sylph is great as well but I think this doesn't do the Dark Sylph justice.

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